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2 March 2022

President Biden announces closure of US airspace to Russian aircraft

In his State of the Union speech from 1 March, US President Joe Biden addressed the on-going Ukraine-Russia war and, following the model of the European […]
2 March 2022

Air passenger numbers to fully recover by 2024, estimates IATA

In a press release from 1 March, The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced it expects air passenger numbers to fully recover to pre-Covid-19 levels by […]
2 March 2022

Wildfires will double by the end of the century and we are not prepared

Almost every region in the world has been confronted with wildfires, especially just in the past year. California, Greece, Portugal and Australia are just the best-known […]
2 March 2022

If not now, when?

Climate Change has arrived, and it is here to stay. We have failed to slow, let alone reverse, the accumulation of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. […]
2 March 2022

British tourist drops school and travels to war zone in Kyiv “for fun”

A British student who claims to have dropped out of school to go for “the most dangerous places” on Earth is now in Kyiv, acting as […]
1 March 2022

Spain to launch low-cost high-speed route connecting Madrid-Valencia-Alicante

Locals and tourists in Spain will soon be able to take a high-speed train from Madrid to Valencia and Alicante with some tickets as low as […]
1 March 2022

Reimagining the way we travel to address climate change: Cycling tourism as an ally

ECF takes a look at how more cycling can help the tourism sector not only reduce its CO2 emissions, but also encourage biodiversity regeneration. Europe will […]
1 March 2022

Italy to ease Covid rules for non-EU arrivals from March 1st

From March 1st, Italy will lift quarantine requirements and restrictions on entry for travelers from non-EU countries. This is in line with what other Member States […]
28 February 2022

Largest plane in the world destroyed during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The longest, heaviest and largest aircraft ever built, the Antolov AN-225, has been destroyed during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to Ukrainian authorities. On 24 February, […]
28 February 2022

EU shuts down EU airspace to Russian planes

Over the weekend, almost all EU Member States have individually announced their ban on Russian aircraft from their airspace. On Sunday evening, Commission President Ursula von […]
28 February 2022

EU airline safety regulator addresses travelling concerns to eastern Europe

With the escalation of war in Ukrainian territory, the EU airline safety regulator — European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) — was consulted to assess the […]
28 February 2022

Delta Airlines and Manchester United ditch Russia’s Aeroflot airlines

Delta Airlines suspended its codeshare agreement with Russia’s Aeroflot airlines amidst the military escalation in Ukraine. In the UK, the soccer club Manchester United has also […]
28 February 2022

How is the pandemic affecting pilots’ skills and readiness?

After the peaks in contagion cases in December and January, the number of commercial flights has begun to increase. On the other hand, the drop in […]
28 February 2022

Delta Airlines accused of moving black woman to back of plane

A Black woman has accused Delta Airlines of moving her to the back of a plane during the flight. Camille Henderson declared she boarded a flight […]
28 February 2022

Flight radar 24 registers millions of users since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Dozens of flights are being diverted around Ukraine after airspace was closed following Russia’s invasion, which started on Thursday February 24th. The Daily Mail reports that […]
25 February 2022

France installs ‘sound radars’ on streets to tackle noise pollution

Living in a big city anywhere around the world comes with a few compromises, among which is the sound of the never-ending traffic. In an attempt […]