Sjannie Hulsman.

Sjannie Hulsman is a lead tour guide trainer and consultant for tourism development in remote areas at EastguidesWest. Sjannie is Dutch and lives in Belgium. She also lived in Spain, the US, Germany, Finland and Austria. She is fluent in Dutch, Spanish, German and English. She has conversational French. Her experience in the travel and hospitality industry stretches over more than two decades. Her work is valued for in-depth and tailor made, straight forward advise with a lasting impact. She trains and advices companies such as Eurasia Trains&Tours, Oetker Hotels and Silk Road Destinations.

Sjannie believes that tourism is global team work! We all want happy guests, referrals and repeat business. But, if a link in the chain is lacking, it affects the whole tourism experience. EastguidesWest can be followed on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.