Barnaby Davies.

Barnaby Davies is a travel writer, speaker, tour guide and travel consultant living in UK. He studied as a trombonist at the Royal College of Music in London before going on to work as a ‘roadie’ for the biggest bands and artists in the world. His writing has been featured in Toastmasters Magazine, TheExpeditioner, BootsnAll, and GoNomad, as well as UK print magazine TRUCKING. Barnaby also co-founded a Dutch tour guide training company in 2016 – EastguidesWest – to increase local employment for tour guides worldwide. EastguidesWest can be followed on Facebook or on their website.

16 November 2020

Why tourism can never die: Service with a Smile

Technology is booming.  We have apps to book flights, to book hotels, to book attractions and tours. Big money is focusing on software and automation. Which […]
12 November 2020

Why tourism can never die: Exploring the unknown

Mankind is thirsty. Thirsty for exploration. It’s always been this way, and it will always be this way. There will be wars. There will be viruses. There will be […]