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4 September 2023

Finland starts trial of world’s first digital passports

As of 28 August, the Finish Border Guard started the pilot testing of a digital passport system, Digital Travel Credentials (DTC), allowing citizens departing from Helsinki […]
28 June 2023

Helsinki Airport increases carry-on liquid allowance to two litres

Over the past few years, airports around the world have been deploying smarter scanners, allowing passengers to leave their electronics and liquids inside their hand luggage […]
26 June 2023

Finland announces the world’s first phone-free tourist island

Travelers visiting the island of Ulko-Tammio in Finland will be asked to keep their phones in their pockets this summer. The aim is to encourage holidaymakers […]
22 June 2023

Helsinki’s Super Weekend brings together 3 vibrant festivals

From Friday, 30 June, to Sunday, 2 July, Helsinki will celebrate love, music and diversity with its Super Weekend festivities that bring together the Helsinki Pride, […]
24 May 2023

Helsinki Huussi showcased at Venice’s La Biennale

Finland’s exhibition at the world’s most respected architecture event of La Biennale di Venezia envisions a water conserving and nutrient recycling sanitation solution. A dry toilet […]
25 April 2023

Who are the Sámi?

The Sámi people are the indigenous people of the northern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. They live in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. There is no […]
23 March 2023

Finns invent the world’s first electric snow scooter

Finnish inventors created a device claimed to be the world’s first electric snow scooter. 1. Winter transport Called the eLyly, the first electric snow scooter’s name […]
21 March 2023

Finland ranked happiest country in the world for sixth year in a row

This year’s edition of the World Happiness Report was released on 20 March, uncoincidentally on the International Day of Happiness, and, for the sixth year in […]
17 February 2023

What do expats appreciate most about living in Helsinki?

What does an expat look for in a city? If you’re lucky enough to have a choice about where you work and invest, what are the […]
25 November 2022

10 reasons to plan a Christmas trip to Helsinki

1. Christmas lights Christmas in Helsinki is a chance to appreciate how Helsinkians soften winter’s darkness. Growing out of the tradition of candles, these days residents […]
7 October 2022

Top Finnish foods and drinks you need to try

Fish, game, forest fruits, mushrooms, cheese, strawberries. . . The Finns have a natural larder to envy. The sea is close by and so is nature, […]
23 September 2022

Finland to “limit or completely prevent” Russian tourists from entering the country

Over the past two months, EU countries have, one by one, taken measures to limit the number of Russian citizens arriving in Europe. After Zelensky’s call […]
11 September 2022

Why Helsinki is the best place for expats and investors

What does an expat look for in a city? If you’re lucky enough to have a choice about where you work and invest, what are the criteria for […]
31 August 2022

Design treasures in Helsinki

It’s nearly impossible to take a step in Helsinki without feeling like you’re on a design treasure hunt – and you’re winning. From the secret symbolism […]
25 August 2022

Luxury cars fill Helsinki airport as Russian tourists head to Europe

Porsches, Bentleys, Mercedes and other prestigious brands with Russian license plates have flooded the parking lot of the airport in Helsinki after the Russian invasion of […]
17 August 2022

Finland will reduce Russian visas by 90%

Since president Zelensky asked western countries to completely ban Russian citizens, a discussion has been started. The eastern Members of the European Union have joined his […]