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27 November 2023

China grants visa-free access to five EU countries

Citizens of five European countries and Malaysia have been granted visa-free entry to China. From 1 December 2023 Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish citizens, as […]
22 November 2023

China unveils otherworldly-looking science fiction museum

The Chengdu Science Fiction Museum, a futuristic architectural marvel, has recently opened its doors in the capital of the Sichuan province, in Southwest China. Commissioned to […]
22 November 2023

Chinese tourists shun Japan and Thailand amid food and crime fears

Travel wishlists for people all over the world can be influenced by locations, food and cultures seen in films and on TV. But sometimes a country’s […]
20 November 2023

Business class passengers get served “imported dog food” due to unlucky translation

What do you get when you combine the bad reputation of airplane food with a very unlucky translation? China Eastern Airlines found out the answer to […]
13 November 2023

Chinese airline honours $1.30 flight tickets sold during glitch

On Wednesday November 8th, over a timespan of just two hours, travellers were able to find some very good deals through China Southern Airlines’ app and […]
10 November 2023

The enduring melodies of the Uyghurs

Music serves as a cultural lifeline, enriching communities and providing a powerful means of expression, unity and resilience. Within the intricate fabric of human experience, music […]
26 October 2023

Exploring Kashgar, a journey through time and tradition

Nestled at the crossroads of history, culture and trade, the city of Kashgar, also known as Kashi, in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, has been a […]
18 October 2023

Stepping into Jiaohe Ruins, a Silk Road treasure and one of the oldest earthen cities

9:37 am: the high-speed train departs from Ürümqi station, heading 167km southeast of the capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. We arrived in Turpan approximately one […]
16 October 2023

China sees travel boom amid 8-day national holiday

This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival fell on 29 September, right before the “golden week”, a week-long national holiday in China on the occasion of the National […]
5 October 2023

10 years of Belt and Road Initiative

It has been 10 years since President Xi Jinping’s announced the Silk Road Economic Belt, now called the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), as a major […]
2 October 2023

China inaugurates first overwater bullet train

China continues to expand its impressive rail network, with the latest addition being a remarkable overwater high-speed train line along the southeastern coast. Showcasing China’s relentless […]
2 October 2023

Chinese old tea forests listed as UNESCO World Heritage

The cultural landscape associated with old tea forests of the Jingmai Mountain, in the city of Pu’er in southeast China, has been inscribed as UNESCO’s World […]
28 September 2023

International cruise ships allowed again in Chinese ports

For the first time since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, international cruise ships will once again be allowed to enter Chinese ports. China’s Ministry of […]
27 September 2023

Chinese culture and traditions showcased in Brussels

On the occasion of celebrating the 74th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the Mission of China to the EU and Embassy […]
21 September 2023

Tui Group taps into China’s tourism potential with first Chinese hotels

Tui Group hotels are branching into China under a brand-recognition exercise designed to take advantage of China’s “enormous tourism potential” and “attract new guests from Asia […]
19 September 2023

China invests on geothermal energy to develop clean heat

China will actively expand the use of geothermal energy in a bid to adopt cleaner sources of power for heating. The country will also increase the […]