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Dana is a Travel Tomorrow reporter. She graduated in Political Science and International Relations. She moved to Brussels from Romania for her studies and Mont des Arts made her fall in love with the city and remain here. She loves animals, especially dogs, and everything food related, but dessert most of all.

25 May 2023

Turkish Cuisine Week celebrated in Brussels

Turkish Cuisine Week kicked off on 21 May, this year’s star being the province of Hatay. Launched last year by Türkiye’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism […]
2 May 2023

Russia and Türkiye agree to increase flights to more than 1300 per week

On Saturday April 29th, Russia and Türkiye agreed to increase the number of flights to more than 1,300 weekly, as Türkiye becomes the main destination for […]
17 April 2023

Opposition candidate promises visa-free EU travel for Turkish people

On March 10th, Türkiye’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called for new presidential elections for May 14th, an announcement he made more than a month after the […]
17 February 2023

What Gaziantep Castle used to look like before Türkiye’s earthquake

Gaziantep Castle, an important tourist destination and historical site in southeastern Türkiye, has been severely damaged by the earthquake that hit both Türkiye and Syria on […]
12 January 2023

Inside Salt Bae’s €40 million palace in Istanbul

Nusret Gokce, also known as Salt Bae, has become the talk of the town. The Turkish chef became the unlikely celebrity of the World Cup final […]
10 January 2023

Who is Salt Bae and why is he famous?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, chances are you’ve heard by now of Salt Bae, especially after the World Cup […]
17 November 2022

World’s tallest woman takes her first flight on plane with modified seats

Rumeysa Gelgi, the world’s tallest woman, traveled by plane for the first time in her life. The journey from Türkiye to California took approximately 13 hours. […]
8 September 2022

8 UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit in Bursa

The city of Bursa was chosen as the culture capital of the Turkic world in 2022. The city was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire […]
8 September 2022

Manzini: “The EU should have already renewed its trading and investment relationship with Türkiye”

On 6 September, the presidents of the bilateral chambers of commerce of EU countries to Türkiye came to Brussels to show why the 25-year-old customs union […]
7 September 2022

Lessons of sustainability from Bursa

Bursa is a city in north-western Türkiye, the fourth most populous in the country. Being the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, its cultural legacy is […]
6 September 2022

Is Türkiye again attractive to the European Union?

Recently, Türkiye and the EU have both agreed that their Customs Union (CU), which has played a concrete role in enhancing their relations, requires a comprehensive […]
29 August 2022

Turks’ Schengen visa applications get “deliberately” rejected, says Turkish Foreign Minister

Turkish citizens have been increasingly facing struggles and rejections when applying for visas to Schengen and EU countries, Reuters reports. Last year the percentage of rejected […]
8 August 2022

Hair transplants are the main driving force behind Istanbul’s tourism this summer

Istanbul is the Mecca of hair transplants attracting a multitude of patients from Arab countries, the US and Europe. Male hair transplant surgery is a $1 […]
15 June 2022

Turkish Airlines changes name to Türkiye Hava Yolları

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has just announced that the country’s national carrier will change its name to Türkiye Hava Yolları instead of Turkish Airlines, […]
10 January 2022

Turkey changes name to Türkiye to reinforce country’s brand

Turkey decided to change name to reinforce the country’s brand and to better reflect the traditions of the Middle Eastern country. The new name — “Türkiye”— […]
18 August 2021

Burj al Babas. The ghost Disney-like castle village in Turkey

Burj Al Babas was born as a dream place full of castles and a perfect refuge for an elite. Today it is a ghost town. In […]
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