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Margarida is a Travel Tomorrow reporter and press and communications assistant at Buscardini Communications. She studied Communication Sciences and Journalism at the NOVA University of Lisbon (FCSH) with an Erasmus semester in European Studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. After an internship at the Communication department of the Municipal Council of Cascais, life took her to Boston, Massachusetts. In the United States, she worked for the Consulate of Portugal in New Bedford for the past 4 years.  Margarida loves traveling, snowboarding and attending live music. A big fan of humor and in a serious relationship with food.

30 August 2023

Bhutan halfs daily tourist fee

The government of Bhutan has announced a significant reduction in the daily tourist fee, slashing it by 50% from $200 (€183.69) to $100 (€91.85) per visitor […]
26 June 2023

Bhutan to lower tourism tax for visitors who extend their stay

Bhutan has announced that the country will reduce tourist fees for those staying for more than four days. The goal is to boost visitor numbers, which […]
26 September 2022

Bhutan bets on sustainable travel and increases daily tourist tax to $200

On September 23rd, Bhutan reopened its borders to international tourists with an increased fee of $200 per person per night, up from the previous $65. The […]
5 July 2022

Bhutan will welcome tourists again, but at what cost?

Bhutan will finally welcome back tourists in September, after being closed for over two years. The Kingdom’s Tourism Council (TCB) has announced that the reopening also […]
23 December 2021

The Trans Bhutan Trail ready to welcome visitors after 60 years

The Trans Bhutan Trail has been restored and will be open to visitors in 2022. For hundreds of years, it was used by pilgrims, messengers, armies […]
25 September 2020

Bhutan: Where happiness is a norm

“Please come and join us for dinner tonight, that’s my home down there” Sangay pointed out a traditional house next to the chorten (stupa) about 300 meters […]
19 June 2020

Bhutan is the only country with a negative carbon footprint

In the 1970s the monarch of Bhutan declared, “Gross Domestic Happiness is more important than Gross Domestic Product.” The idea has since been integrated into the […]