Anna-Karina Reibold is Communications Assistant at the European Cyclists’ Federation, where she works on communications, cargo bike projects and Velo-city, the annual world cycling summit. She is also responsible for the European City Changer Cargo Bike project, which brings together 20 partners to fully exploit the potential of cargo bikes. Before joining ECF, Anna-Karina Reibold studied Cultural Studies and Linguistics at the University of Leipzig and volunteered for various local NGOs.

27 May 2022

Why Ljubljana is Europe’s most liveable city

Over a decade ago, the City of Ljubljana decided to prioritise pedestrians and cyclists over motorised traffic, winning multiple awards and the bid to host Velo-city […]
1 April 2022

Ljubljana’s historic centre has been a car free paradise for over a decade

In an effort to reduce emissions, as well as to provide a safer and more pleasant environment for inhabitants and tourists alike, cities around the world […]
4 March 2022

Commission approves €7 million for Slovenian airlines affected by Covid-19

After the havoc caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Slovenian airlines will benefit from a second round of EU financial support totalling €7 million. 1. State aid […]
11 February 2022

Ljubljana is the Best European Destination to visit in 2022

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, won this year’s Best European Destinations award, after being chosen from a list of 20 finalists by over 75,000 people. Ljubljana […]
7 December 2021

Top 3 skiing resorts in Slovenia

There are many ways to enjoy the winter time and snow – from to being very active and having fun with all kinds of winter sports, […]
29 October 2021

48 hours in Lake Bled

There is a special charm in having short trips – though there isn’t enough time to fully discover the destination, you get a glimpse and a […]
1 June 2021

Slovenia is ready to welcome tourists again

Slovenian Tourist Board together with the Slovenian tourism industry has boosted their promotional activities ready for a restart to tourism in the country as it reopens. […]
28 January 2021

Nova Gorica will be the European Capital of Culture 2025

Among the 4 shortlisted Slovenian cities (Ljubljana, Piran, Ptuj and Nova Gorica), Nova Gorica was recommended to become the European Capital of Culture 2025. “Hosting a […]
4 December 2020

Secrets of the Soča Valley

Midway through life’s journey here, I found myself in a dark wood, where the way ahead was no longer clear . . . The River Soča, […]
19 November 2020

Travel restrictions in brief: Slovenia 🇸🇮

NOTE: Last update of this article occurred on December 16th. Can I travel to Slovenia? Yes, but authorities have put in place some restrictions based on […]
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