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8 December 2022

The ancient technique of marine wine making

The millennia-old technique of making marine wine revived by Italian viticulturists makes it possible to savor an Ancient Greek delicacy. Back in 2018, Italian winemaker Antonio […]
2 December 2022

Italian town to offer €30,000 to people who relocate there

Presicce – Acquarica is the lates Italian town to announce a scheme aimed at increasing its population by offering incentives to people who relocate there. The […]
2 December 2022

Will Sicily finally be connected to mainland Italy?

Talks about building a bridge to connect the island of Sicily with the mainland are back in the Italian political agenda as Italy’s new right-wing government […]
1 December 2022

This is the world’s tallest Christmas tree

Ah, the Christmas tree. Around this time of the year, many of you will probably be putting up yours or thinking of doing so anyway. The […]
24 November 2022

Venice’s climate adaptation investments protect it from exceptionally high tide

After a particularly devastating flood following one of the highest tides the city has ever seen, Venice invested in climate adaptation systems to prevent future extreme […]
22 November 2022

A turtle-shaped floating city could become the world’s largest boat

A futuristic itinerant floating city with the shape of a giant turtle could soon become a reality. Designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini, the Pangeos comprises various hotels, […]
18 November 2022

Venice postpones date for introduction of ticketing and entry fees

The date for the implementation of paid entry in Venice has again been postponed. This has been confirmed by sources in city’s administration, making it clear […]
15 November 2022

The political messages of Venice Biennale’s National Pavilions

Ever since its opening in 1895, the Venise Biennale created, through the National Pavilions and wider exhibits, an opportunity for countries to share their artistic creations, […]
11 November 2022

The strange beauty of Murano glass

Glass is a fragile thing forged hot and has a four-thousand-year history of inspired creation. At the Glasstress 2022 – State of Mind exhibition at the […]
4 November 2022

The harsh honest truth of Anselm Kiefer in Venice

Going to the Venice for the Biennale is a conversation between the now and a thousand years of yesterday. The exhibition by Anselm Kiefer at the […]
2 November 2022

This small Italian airport is now Europe’s largest outdoor concert venue

The landscape close to an airport in Italy has been transformed into Europe’s largest concert venue: the RCF Arena. With a capacity with up to 100,000 […]
21 October 2022

Italian air traffic controllers’ strike causes severe disruptions today

As of 00:00 today, air traffic controllers in Italy are on a 24-hour strike, until midnight tonight. The strike is expected to cause severe disruptions today, […]
20 October 2022

Floating to the skies in an air yacht

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s an air yacht. Pierpaolo Lazzarini, combined a catamaran and a zeppelin it his latest design meant […]
12 October 2022

Italian brand Pinarello releases “world’s fastest” 3D-printed bicycle

Bolide F HR 3D is the new name of the bike developed by Pinarello that incorporates 3D printed parts. The Italian brand claims that it is […]
11 October 2022

Friuli Venezia Giulia to reimburse travelers who visit the region

The Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia is offering a refund of the train ticket and a free FVGcard to access museums, exhibitions and cultural activities. […]
22 August 2022

Tourists fined for surfing in Venice’s Grand Canal

Two tourists were fined for surfing along Venice’s Grand Canal. 1. Disrespecting World Heritage Apparently riding eFoils — electric surfboards raised out of the water on […]
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