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24 May 2023

Climate activists block Geneva airport during Europe’s biggest private jet fair

A hundred climate activists supporting Greenpeace, Stay Grounded, Extinction Rebellion, Scientist Rebellion and other climate movement groups from 17 countries disrupted Europe’s biggest private jet sales […]
24 May 2023

Swiss village imposes measures to control flow of Korean Netflix tourists

The Swiss village of Iseltwald is imposing fees and traffic controls to avoid being over-run by tourists. The village appears in a popular South Korean Netflix […]
27 March 2023

You can now ride the Shania Train in Switzerland

Switzerland’s latest high-tech train, the GoldenPass Express has been named after five-time Grammy Award winner Shania Twain. Having taken its first journey on 11 December, the […]
22 March 2023

Power could soon be generated from solar panels placed between railway tracks

The Swiss company Sun-Ways has developed a pilot project aimed at integrating solar modules on railway tracks. Thanks to an innovative automatic installation system, the panels […]
8 March 2023

Toblerone must remove iconic Matterhorn peak from packaging

The famous triangle shaped Swiss chocolate Toblerone has to remove the iconic Matterhorn peak from its packaging after moving some of its production in Slovakia, as […]
31 January 2023

Swiss startup presents hybrid EV batteries that recharge in 72 seconds

Swiss startup Morand developed a new battery technology, called Morand eTechnology, which promises to revolutionise mobility with its ultra-fast rechargeable battery pack. 1. Ultra-fast Morand’s new […]
19 December 2022

Switzerland’s high-tech GoldenPass Express train can jump rail tracks

On December 11th, Switzerland‘s newest panoramic train took its first journey. The GoldenPass Express offers a smooth and even more comfortable travel experience on one of […]
21 November 2022

Swiss start-up develops hydrogen-powered hypersonic plane

A Swiss aerospace start-up is developing a new hydrogen-powered hypersonic plane which is promising to revolutionise air transport. 1. Flight tests Destinus SA is among the […]
31 October 2022

Switzerland claims record for world’s longest passenger train

On Saturday October 29th, the Swiss Rhaetian Railway claimed the record for the world’s longest passenger train with a trip along one of the most spectacular […]
3 October 2022

Global warming causes worst melt year on record for Swiss glaciers, study shows

A recent study has revealed that Switzerland’s 1,400 glaciers have lost half their total volume since the early 1930s, and researchers say the ice melt is […]
18 August 2022

Global warming melts Swiss mountain pass unseen since Roman times

In Switzerland, between the Scex Rouge and Tsanfleuron mountains, the Col de Tsanfleuron pass has been covered by ice for over 2,000 years. Just in 2012 […]
8 August 2022

Hydropower plant under the Alps could help secure Europe’s energy supply

Europe is struggling with an energy crisis at the moment. As the content tries become independent form Russian oil, it turns on the one hand to […]
30 June 2022

Switzerland opened a 300 kilometre-long hiking path

Everyone vacations differently. For some it’s all about relaxing at the beach for two weeks straight, for others there’s nothing better than a short and intensive […]
21 June 2022

80 women from around the world set alpinism world record in Switzerland

Last week, 80 women have added a female chapter to the history of mountain sports, which is still predominantly male. As part of Switzerland Tourism‘s “100% […]
2 May 2022

The world’s tallest wooden skyscraper is being built in Switzerland

The world’s tallest timber residential building will soon rise to skies of Switzerland. Called Rocket & Tigerli, the building will be the tallest wooden construction in […]
13 April 2022

Geneva is using lake water to cool buildings and replace air conditioning

Geneva is using lake water to cool buildings and replace air conditioning, which is reducing electricity consumption by 80%. Swiss company SIG is pumping water from […]