🇭🇺 Hungary

27 November 2020

24 Hours in Budapest

The capital of Hungary is famous for its diverse activities and options to satisfy the most demanding tourists. Being a city with a lot of air […]
19 November 2020

Travel restrictions in brief:
Hungary 🇭🇺

Note: Last update of this article occurred on December 16th. 1. Can I travel to Hungary? As of September 1, 2020, the Hungarian Government imposed new […]
8 July 2020

Unforgettable Sightseeing in Budapest

Last year, I spent three days in Hungary for a “photo workshop” in Budapest. I had never been there. For an foreigner coming from South East […]
19 June 2020

Andrássy 38: An oasis in the beating heart of Budapest

1. An oasis in the beating heart of Budapest Imagine an oasis in the pulsating heart of the city, yet away from all its noise; a […]
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