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Dana is a Travel Tomorrow reporter. She graduated in Political Science and International Relations. She moved to Brussels from Romania for her studies and Mont des Arts made her fall in love with the city and remain here. She loves animals, especially dogs, and everything food related, but dessert most of all.

6 September 2023

Schiphol Airport tests new lifting aids to lighten workload for baggage handlers

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has taken measures to lighten the workload of employees working in the baggage hall. Having previously ordered 30 lifting aids, the airport is […]
1 September 2023

IATA warns Schiphol flight cuts could result in retaliatory international action

The Dutch government announced in July 2022 plans of cutting Schiphol Airport’s operations by around 20% in an effort to reduce noise pollution. A maximum limit of 460,000 […]
14 August 2023

Netherlands set to liberalise rail market and open international routes to competition

The Dutch government is set to introduce further privatisation to its rail market, bringing in new charges and opening international routes to competition from 2025.  1. […]
24 July 2023

Amsterdam to ban cruise ships to curb pollution and fight overtourism

Amsterdam has decuded to ban cruise ships as the city council seeks to lower pollution and reduce the number of tourists, with an implementation plan being […]
10 July 2023

Dutch students smash world record for distance travelled by a hydrogen car on a single tank

The Guinness World Record for greatest distance travelled by a car on a single tank (1kg) of hydrogen fuel has been broken. Students from Delft University […]
10 July 2023

Amsterdam court approves reduction of flights at Schiphol Airport

On Friday July 7th, the court of appeals in Amsterdam ruled that the Dutch government can order Schiphol Airport to reduce the number of flights from […]
19 June 2023

Eurostar consultant to asses 11-month service disruption on Amsterdam-London route

Eurostar has announced the appointment of an independent consultant to assess possibilities for maintaining its train service from Amsterdam Central Station to London, in the face […]
15 June 2023

Dutch low-cost Transavia fined for using trainees as employees on flights

Budget airline Transavia is facing a fine after the Dutch Labour Inspectorate revealed the low-cost carrier was using trainees and interns as full employees on regular […]
5 June 2023

Eurostar forced to suspend London to Amsterdam trains for up to 11 months

Large-scale renovation of Amsterdam Central Station cancels the Eurostar train service between the Dutch capital and London, starting in June 2024. Although the Dutch Government believes […]
28 April 2023

This Dutch restaurant asks guests to kill their own meat

When we go to a restaurant, most of us do so for multiple reasons. One, it’s pretty convenient. You don’t have to cook nor do the […]
17 April 2023

Dutch government to appeal ruling against reduction of flights at Schiphol

The Dutch government will appeal against a court decision that nullified Schiphol Airport’s requirement to cut its 2023/24 season flights, according to Belgian news outlet VRT. […]
7 April 2023

10 Dutch cities where the Dutch themselves prefer to go on a city trip

When looking for travel tips, there’s nothing like a good old bit of advice from locals. After all, they know best where to go, what to […]
5 April 2023

Dutch court rules against government decision to reduce flights at Schiphol Airport

Last year, the Dutch government announced plans of limiting the number of international flights in the Netherlands in a move to reduce the country’s carbon emissions, as well […]
31 March 2023

Amsterdam’s new “Stay Away” campaign targets young British men

The city of Amsterdam announced in December last year it was preparing a digital “discouragement campaign” for foreign tourists who only come to Amsterdam for “alcohol, […]
23 March 2023

Dutch government proceeds with flight cap at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

Last year, the Dutch government announced plans of limiting the number of international flights in the Netherlands in a move to reduce the country’s carbon emissions, […]
16 March 2023

Amsterdam Schiphol to introduce AI for security screening

Amsterdam Schiphol is partnering with Pangiam and Google to support the screening of luggage with Artificial Intelligence. When properly staffed, security at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is […]