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29 September 2023

Half of Germany’s electricity needed for Lufthansa to use 100% SAF, says CEO

Lufthansa Group CEO, Carsten Spohr has stated that the energy required to produce enough sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to power the entire Lufthansa fleet would require […]
29 September 2023

British Airways pilot fired after layover “drug and drink orgy”

A senior first officer at British Airways, Mike Beaton, found himself at the center of a scandal that led to his dismissal from the airline. Scheduled […]
29 September 2023

Aviation industry faces up to abusive passengers

The aviation industry has set a flightpath for dealing with disruptive passengers. The IATA World Security and Operations Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam this month saw a […]
28 September 2023

2024 set to be a milestone year for travel and aviation

2024 is set to be a “milestone year” for global travel, according to an air industry report predicting a return to pre-Covid passenger volumes. Return to […]
28 September 2023

Ryanair rejects Gatwick’s flight reduction request amid ATC staff shortage

Ryanair is standing firm against Gatwick Airport’s plea to reduce flight operations amidst a critical shortage of air traffic controllers attributed to Covid-19 cases and medical […]
28 September 2023

Europe’s online visa-waiver system, ETIAS, delayed again

The launch of Europe’s new European Travel Information and Authorisation System, or ETIAS, has been delayed – again. The system, for use by nationals of countries […]
27 September 2023

Dozens of flights cancelled at Gatwick due to sickness among air-traffic controllers

Gatwick Airport has ordered airlines to cancel dozens of flights as air-traffic controllers fell sick, with only 70% of staff currently running operations. Cancellations, diversions and […]
27 September 2023

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport receives environmental permit for up to 500,000 flights

The Dutch Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy has grated Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport a nature permit, allowing it to operate 440,000 to a maximum of 500,000 […]
26 September 2023

Bangkok Airways is latest airline to weigh passengers before flights

Flyers with Bangkok Airways are being asked to step on the weighing scales before take-off. Between 15 September and 31 October 2023, the airline is carrying […]
26 September 2023

Brazil considers onboard WiFi for all domestic flights

Flyers in Brazil may soon benefit from free WiFi connectivity on flights lasting more than two hours, if a bill introduced to the Brazilian parliament goes through. […]
25 September 2023

Travel agents accuse Air Belgium of “blatant disregard for passengers”

Around 20,000 flyers thought to be affected by Air Belgium’s cancellation of passenger flights will not receive prompt refunds unless the European Commission steps in, according […]
25 September 2023

Frankfurt Airport trials world’s first walk-through security scanner

Trials for the world’s first walk-through security scanner have begun at Frankfurt Airport, Fraport, the company managing the airport, revealed in a statement. The aim of […]
25 September 2023

Plane makes U-turn to collect wheelchair user “left behind” at gate

A plane that was already taxiing to the runway for take-off has made a U-turn and returned to the departure gate to ensure a passenger in […]
21 September 2023

Private jet ownership is on the rise. Who are the owners?

Private jet registrations have increased worldwide. Travel Tomorrow reported the trend of rising private jet usage last year, as people favoured individual transport coming out of […]
21 September 2023

Belgium could be hit by air traffic control strikes this autumn

Air traffic controller strikes could hit Belgium and affect Europe this autumn. The news comes just as tour operators and some destinations are looking to expand […]
20 September 2023

European Parliament’s game changing pilot project for sustainable aviation fuels

The aviation industry plays a vital role in the global economy connecting people and goods across long distances. However its reliance on fossil fuels has made […]