9 September 2021

First railway bridge linking Russia and China has been completed

A joint venture between China and Russia has completed the construction of the first railway bridge linking the two countries. The 7.19-kilometer bridge, whose construction began […]
6 September 2021

Europe Express takes off to span 100 cities

The Connecting Europe Express train departed from Lisbon on 2 September, off to span 100 cities during 5 weeks. It is scheduled to arrive to the […]
23 August 2021

New Benelux train hoped to enter service in 2025 following testing in Belgium

Dutch railways NS wants to replace the rolling stock of the Benelux trains, with a new train expected to enter commercial service in 2025. The first […]
16 August 2021
Magrail concept © @NEVOMO_tech on Twitter

Paris to Berlin in an hour: A glimpse into the future of high-speed European rail travel

The recent International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report AR6 has once again brought the ongoing climate crisis to the forefront of European policymakers minds. Their […]
13 August 2021

Deep within Germany, a Soviet steam railway is still being used

For those who were born in the nineties, the Soviet-regime much resembles a far-away chapter in history. It’s quite hard to imagine that there once was […]
5 August 2021

Plant trees as you travel with this new UK train ticketing company

In order to encourage more people living in and visiting the UK to opt for train travel, which is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative […]
26 July 2021

China debuts the world’s fastest train

The Chinese state-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation has debuted its maglev bullet train in Qingdao China. The new train is considered the world’s fastest and […]
22 July 2021

This luxury train will be a “palace on rails”

French designer Thierry Gaugain has decided to take train design to a level never seen before. Thierry has stood out for being a creative who turns […]
9 July 2021

Bullet train starts operating in Tibet

China’s state-owned railroad company has just inaugurated a high-speed train line in Tibet, nicknamed the “roof of the world”, with a 435-kilometer route that runs 90% […]
7 June 2021

Faster train between Brussels and Luxembourg postponed until 2028

A faster train connection between Luxembourg and Brussels might be delayed until 2028, the transport ministers of both countries announced during a press conference on Thursday, […]
13 April 2021

Brussels–Berlin gets another new night train connection

Following the European Sleeper announcement of a new Brussels-Berlin night train, another new train service has now been announced by Belgian company Moonlight Express. The second […]
6 April 2021

Night train to connect Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague

European Sleeper and RegioJet announced that a new night train service running from Brussels to Prague would start operating from next year. The train would make […]
2 April 2021

Scotland to have its first hydrogen-powered train in 2021

Scotland will have its first train running on hydrogen power by the end of 2021. A new project from the Scottish government and a group of […]
2 April 2021

Egypt to build first high-speed train connecting the Red Sea with the Mediterranean

Plans have been announced for the first high-speed train line in Egypt from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean. With a length 621 miles, the route […]
23 March 2021

Italy to deploy ‘covid-free’ trains to tourist destinations

Trains are a key mode of transportation in Italy. During the pandemic, many people who rode on a train for one reason or other knew that […]
21 March 2021

New sleeper trains in Europe will link 13 major destinations

Four European national railway companies have promised new sleepers linking 13 major cities in the largest extension of Europe’s night network in many years. According to […]
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