Travel Tomorrow is a global media outlet reporting on the travel and tourism industry.
Travel Tomorrow is a flagship brand of Buscardini Communications, a Brussels-based communications agency.

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Sustainability is key for the tourism of tomorrow. Conservation of biodiversity, respect for the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities, securing social welfare and economic prosperity of host communities, and sustainable use of environmental resources need to be the pillars of the a new post-covid model of tourism.

our mission.

Travel Tomorrow believes there has to be a change. A substantial change. A new lens to see the world through. Society needs to learn from this experience, the tough and important lessons the pandemic has delivered to our lives..

our vision.

We want our audience to dream again. We want to stimulate their senses, to awake their imagination.

Travel Tomorrow is the guide to discover cultural treasures, ancient traditions, diverse gastronomy and lifestyles, breath-taking landscapes, and all the world has to offer. Travel Tomorrow stimulates their appetite for big cities and towns alike. We surprise our audience by showing new angles to a destination they thought they knew.

We believe that exchange and dialogue between cultures are an integral part of our DNA and that connecting this culturally-diverse world leads to a brighter future for everyone. A global community based on sustainable and responsible tourism.