Camille Van Puymbroeck is a Belgian freelance journalist with a big interest in anything lifestyle and ecology-related. Nothing makes her more happy than visiting a former Soviet building, overgrown by nature, equipped with a camera and a coffee. Not without an Italian meal afterwards, of course. Her work has previously been published in Metro, Sabato Magazine and Culinaire Ambiance.

21 September 2023

10 strangest things to do as a tourist in Europe

The Eiffel Tower and Big Ben are impressive and worth at least one visit during your lifetime but tourism is about more than just the better-known […]
21 September 2023

Singing dunes, tiramisu mountains and Genghis Khan’s golden saddle

Singing dunes, tiramisu mountains and Genghis Khan’s golden saddle, sounds like a children fairytale. But it’s not fiction, it’s a day in Kazakhstan’s Altyn-Emel National Park. […]
8 September 2023

10 most popular city break destinations this autumn

Tripadvisor has released its latest Seasonal Travel Index, revealing data and trends about what to expect for travel this autumn. Although the popular summer vacation season […]
8 September 2023

Urban Leuven, a budget-friendly destination more street than first meets the eye

Leuven is well known for its world-leading university, cobbled squares and Gothic architecture, but it’s also a city where real people live and work and its […]
6 September 2023

The world’s most popular tourist attractions

What are the most popular, most beautiful sights in the world? Tourists of all eras have asked themselves the same questions and over the years, that […]
24 August 2023

10 beautiful streets in Europe worth visiting

Beauty is a very subjective thing. But as the current Wes Anderson mania proves, some aesthetics are universally pleasing. Colours and symmetry always score good. Moreover, […]
23 August 2023

South Tyrol opens first immersive Mindfulness trail in the Alps

The Alps have always been able to seduce hikers, climbers and skiers alike. As of 7th July, the Italian region of South Tyrol has another reason […]
23 August 2023

Why Dugi Otok is the rough diamond of the Adriatic

I usually spend my summers in Croatia, at least most of the summertime. For a Croatian-born travel addict like myself, this may seem a bit strange […]
22 August 2023

The 20 most Instagrammable remote locations in the United Kingdom revealed

Social media are greatly linked to our daily lives and therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Instagrammability of a destination tends to be […]
21 August 2023

Accidental tourist in Abu Dhabi

Problems can have silver linings. Refuelling in Abu Dhabi en route to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji to discuss climate change and the energy transition, didn’t […]
16 August 2023

Why you should consider visiting Cotswolds

Looking for last minute ideas for a great vacation? If so, you’d do well to consider one area of the United Kingdom that is often overlooked […]
4 August 2023

5 reasons to visit Chengdu

Established over 2,300 years ago, Chengdu is the capital of the Chinese province of Sichuan. The country’s fourth most populous city, with almost 21 million inhabitants, […]
3 August 2023

Best places for viewing October’s ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse

Witnessing an eclipse is always a mesmerising experience, even more so when this is a total solar eclipse. And, every once in a while, when conditions […]
28 July 2023

Visiting the world’s newest baby volcano

Volcano tourism has long been a popular activity. Being close to molten lava and witnessing such a force of nature up close has a special kind […]
27 July 2023

‘Dune bashing’ in Saudi Arabia will give you an adrenaline rush

Visiting Saudi Arabia is becoming ever more attractive for all kinds of travelers. The country boasts one of the largest sand deserts in the world, and […]
13 July 2023

What to expect from the first edition of Brussels’ Summer Wonders

The first edition of Brussels’ Summer Wonders kicks off on 14 July. The sunny counterpart of the renowned Winter Wonders promises to transform the city centre […]