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Marta studied Political Science and Media & Journalism at the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) and has developed her journalistic career working for the Portuguese newspapers Diário de Notícias, Correio da Manhā and media outlets in Brussels. She is a reporter for Travel Tomorrow, and is also engaged in delivering communications services and EU policy research for different consultancies in Brussels. A former Blue Book trainee of the European Commission, Marta has a keen interest in EU and global affairs, and experience in reporting and interpreting information. Whenever she can, Marta loves traveling, exploring nature and learning about regenerative agriculture. She is also quite enthusiastic about space ventures and the cosmos.

10 March 2023

Australian researchers might have found a solution to recycle solar panels

Solar panels are made up of several materials, including glass, metal, and plastic. While recycling solar panels is possible, it can be challenging due to the […]
28 February 2023

Qantas reveals new-look luxury cabins for record 19-hour flights

If you’ve ever wondered, perhaps with horror, about what a record-breaking 19-hour long-haul flight would be like, Qantas is offering a preview, and it’s not what […]
7 February 2023

Scientists in Australia produce hydrogen from sea water

An international team of scientists in Australia may held the promising answer for clean energy by devising a unique method to split sea water to produce […]
30 January 2023

Australia’s new low-cost airline launches first flight

Bonza, Australia’s new low-cost airline, has gained regulatory approval and its first flight will take off on Tuesday 31 January from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Airport (MCY) to the […]
17 January 2023

Glow-in-the-dark highway lines make driving safer in Australia

An Australian company has developed glow-in-the-dark road markings. The invention, which has gone viral on social media, has been developed by an Australian company called Tarmac […]
28 December 2022

These ‘floating garbage bins’ are mitigating ocean pollution by capturing tons of marine litter

Plastic pollution is among the most pressing environmental issues given the rapid increase of disposable plastic products over the past decade. Every year, about 8 million […]
27 December 2022

Canberra invests in circular economy to achieve sustainability

Recycling and reusing are at the center of Canberra’s actions to strengthen the city’s circular economy. 1. Circular economy strategy In a recently launched draft strategy […]
20 October 2022

Hypersonic scramjet powered by green hydrogen to cross the Atlantic in 90 minutes

Australian aerospace engineering start-up Hypersonix is partnering with the University of Sydney to build a zero emissions hypersonic spaceplane capable of deploying small satellites into low […]
23 August 2022

Australia vote to restore Fraser Island’s traditional name ‘K’gari’

Fraser Island is an amazingly unique and beautiful island located in Australia’s south east Queensland, and the government is seeking public opinion on officially restoring the […]
3 August 2022

Research reveals more efficient and affordable green hydrogen production method

A Curtin University research has identified a new, cheaper and more efficient electrocatalyst to make green hydrogen from water that could one day open new avenues […]
21 July 2022

Did you know the story of this Australian floating hotel now decaying off the coast of North Korea?

There was once a floating Australian hotel that has now ended up in North Korea. The hotel in question was called The Four Seasons Barrier Reef […]
11 July 2022

Windows are one step closer to harvesting solar energy

The emerging technology that will allow skyscrapers to generate their own power has taken another step forward, with researchers in Australia increasing the energy efficiency and […]
23 June 2022

This is what Qantas will offer on its 20-hour flights

Qantas’ Project Sunrise is expected to offer direct flights from Sydney to London and New York in 2025. Sunrise Project will also include direct flights from […]
20 June 2022

Australia has cut plastic pollution on some of its beaches by nearly 30%

Australia has reduced plastic pollution on some of its beaches by nearly 30%. According to the World Economic Forum, coastal plastic is down 29% since six […]
24 May 2022

Australian scientists say ‘night time’ solar power can be captured

A breakthrough discovery from Australian scientists points at the possibility of harnessing energy that flows out of the Earth at night, a process called ‘nighttime’ solar […]
3 May 2022

Qantas announces non-stop flights from Sydney to London and New York

On Monday May 2nd, Australian airline Qantas announced the launch of the first direct commercial flights from Sydney to London and New York by 2025. The […]
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