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Deborah O’Donoghue is a British-Irish writer who has lived in the UK, France and Belgium. She has travelled all over the world and worked in car body repairs, in the best fish ‘n’ chip shop in Brighton, and been a gopher in a comedy club, as well as a teacher. She’s a past winner of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Short Story Prize. Her début novel, Sea of Bones, was published by Legend Press in 2019 and comes out in Germany in 2021. Follow Deborah on Twitter and Instagram.

29 September 2023

Aviation industry faces up to abusive passengers

The aviation industry has set a flightpath for dealing with disruptive passengers. The IATA World Security and Operations Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam this month saw a […]
28 September 2023

2024 set to be a milestone year for travel and aviation

2024 is set to be a “milestone year” for global travel, according to an air industry report predicting a return to pre-Covid passenger volumes. Return to […]
28 September 2023

All that we really need to do is to stop burning fossil fuels, oil and coal

In London, Just Stop Oil quotes Sir David King, the former Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government in 2021, “What we do over the next […]
28 September 2023

Lego abandons plan to make bricks from recycled plastic bottles

Lego has announced that, after intensive testing and high optimism, they have given up on trying to make their famous toy bricks out of recycled plastic […]
27 September 2023

These are the 50 best hotels in the world for 2023

The list of the World’s 50 Best Hotels for 2023 was revealed during an awards ceremony held at London’s historic Guildhall on September 19th. The ranking […]
27 September 2023

EVs made in Europe to become affordable for the masses by 2025, new study says

The need to address the global climate crisis has rallied a growing number of governments around the world to embrace aggressive measures encouraging carmakers and drivers […]
27 September 2023

All new European Nissan models to be electric by 2030, says CEO

All new European Nissan models will be electric by 2030, the Japanese carmaker announced on Monday, 25 September. No turning back In a statement, Nissan CEO […]
27 September 2023

What is World Tourism Day?

World Tourism Day exists since 1980 and it has been celebrated on 27 September ever since. This year’s celebration will take place in Riyadh, Kingdom of […]
26 September 2023

Mandatory emissions reporting looms large over travel and tourism industry

Mandatory carbon emissions reporting has either been introduced or soon will be in major travel markets around the world. As from next year, the European Union […]
26 September 2023

42 new sites inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage

The 45th session of the World Heritage Committee took place in Riyadh, from 10 to 25 September. During this time, tentative and existing World Heritage Sites […]
25 September 2023

Texas-based company achieves first space-based 5G call to a regular phone

On September 8th 2023, a historic moment took place which will define how we communicate in future years. For the first time in history, AST SpaceMobile […]
22 September 2023

International tourism reached 84% of pre-pandemic levels in first half of 2023

International tourism is continuing its steady recovery after coming to an almost complete standstill during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the first half of 2023, it reached […]
21 September 2023

Private jet ownership is on the rise. Who are the owners?

Private jet registrations have increased worldwide. Travel Tomorrow reported the trend of rising private jet usage last year, as people favoured individual transport coming out of […]
21 September 2023

Fossil fuel demand will peak this decade, according to IEA

Despite the worrying effects of climate change being exacerbated by the use of fossil fuels, it seems their demand is still rising. The global use of […]
21 September 2023

Air travel showed patchy recovery this summer

Although most of the Covid-19 related travel restrictions were lifted last year, the past summer has still witnessed tourists travelling with a vengeance. Last year’s travel […]
20 September 2023

Hotels generally beat Airbnb rentals on price by 16%, new study finds

Airbnb rentals are generally more expensive than hotels, according to new consumer research. The study of 300,000 one-bedroom rental listings versus thousands of hotel rooms across […]