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19 September 2023

Indonesia points tourism investors towards greener policies and new capital

In the wake of changes to tourist priorities worldwide, Indonesia is looking to transform the focus of its tourism sector from mass tourism to special interest, […]
29 August 2023

Tourists evacuated from hotels after 7.1 earthquake strikes Bali

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake has struck northeast of Bali, sending tourists and residents out of buildings. According to the Australian geoscientific research agency, Geoscience Australia, two […]
22 August 2023

Jakarta orders civil servants to work from home to fight soaring pollution

On August 10th Jakarta became the world’s most polluted major city.  According to data from Swiss air quality technology company IQAir, it thereby passed cities such as […]
17 August 2023

Jakarta has become the most polluted city in the world

On August 10th, Jakarta became the world’s most polluted major city, according to data from Swiss air quality technology company IQAir. It has ranked among the […]
18 July 2023

Bali to implement $10 tourist tax ‘to protect environment and culture’

The regional government of Bali has announced that tourists will have to pay a tax of 150,000 rupiah (the equivalent of 10 dollars or 9 euros) […]
19 June 2023

Bali considers banning climbing sacred sites after tourists’ repeated acts of disrespect

Travelers visiting Bali risk being banned from mountains and sacred locations after a series of incidents triggered Bali’s governor to crack down on indecent behavior from […]
27 April 2023

Bali is considering a tourist tax to limit bad behaviour

For decades now, Bali has been able to attract tourists as not many other regions in the world have done before. Its impressive nature, pleasant climate […]
17 March 2023

Bali to ban tourists from renting motorcycles

After a series of road accidents involving tourists, authorities in Bali are considering banning motorcycle and scooter rentals to foreigners, Bali governor Wayan Koster announced during […]
23 February 2023

This retired Boeing 737 was given a second life as a luxury villa

A retired Boeing 737 has been turned into a private luxury villa, sitting at the top of a cliff near Bali’s Nyang-Nyang Beach. The aircraft belonged […]
8 February 2023

Indonesia’s tourism industry is now aiming for ‘quality over quantity’

On February 3rd, Indonesia announced several tourism recovery strategies on the sidelines of the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) 2023, which took place from February 2 to […]
30 January 2023

Bali’s tourism sees signs of recovery as Chinese travelers flock to the island

Thousands of Chinese tourists are arriving en masse to Indonesia, especially to Bali, after authorities in China lifted travel restrictions early this month. Since then, the […]
4 January 2023

Bali’s tourism industry struggles to hire new workers

Tourism is on the rise in Bali after most of the Covid-related restrictions have been eased. The hospitality industry, however, is facing challenges to hire enough […]
12 December 2022

Indonesia’s new sex laws expected to have negative impact on tourism

On Tuesday December 6th, Indonesia’s Parliament passed new laws that ban cohabitation and sex outside marriage. The laws apply to nationals, foreign residents and tourists in […]
28 October 2022

Bali targets wealthy tourists with up to 10 years visa

With remote work becoming the norm for many people around the world, a number of countries is betting on digital nomads as a source of revenue. […]
25 October 2022

Indonesia is paying fishermen to collect plastic waste from the ocean

Indonesia is paying fishers to collect plastic trash from the ocean. In a move that is part of the broad effort to reduce pollution, the Ministry […]
18 October 2022

Indonesia’s bullet train to start running in 2023

Indonesia’s bullet train, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, is on track to become operational in 2023, despite a delay caused by discrepancies in […]