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7 December 2023

Tokyo’s newest luxury hotel to open in March 2024

A new luxury hotel will be opening in Tokyo next March. Placed in the city’s Azabudai Hills development., the Janu Tokyo, a new brand of Aman […]
14 November 2023

Japan gets a new island after volcanic eruption

Countries growing bigger, it’s not something most of us are confronted with on a daily basis – a few exceptions aside, such as Iceland, which grows […]
24 October 2023

Japan to tackle overtourism through better transport and alternative destinations

In the fight against overtourism, popular Japan is planning to enhance its transport networks and introduce measures to spread the footfall of its current tourism boom. […]
24 October 2023

Cruise, GM, and Honda’s driverless taxis to roll out in Tokyo by 2026

Cruise, General Motors (GM), and Honda have announced a collaboration to introduce a driverless ride service in Tokyo by 2026. The joint venture, set to be […]
19 October 2023

Japan’s tourism bounces back to pre-Covid levels, but regional disparities persist

Japan’s tourism sector has witnessed a significant rebound, with visitor numbers reaching an impressive 96.1% of pre-pandemic levels, according to a Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) […]
19 October 2023

Japanese airline forced to put on extra flight for sumo wrestlers due to weight concerns

Recent news featuring various airlines around the world checking passengers’ weights before boarding for fuel efficiency and optimisation purposes, might have some readers wondering: what happens […]
17 October 2023

One of Japan’s most iconic views now comes with a tourist tax

Japan is introducing a visitor tax at one of its most famous tourist sites to raise money to help protect and preserve its heritage for another […]
19 September 2023

Japan’s Mount Fuji is “screaming” with overtourism, say officials

Mount Fuji, Japan is the latest destination facing the effects of overtourism, according to Euronews and statements from local authorities. The sacred mountain overlooking the Pacific […]
12 July 2023

Canadian tourist caught defacing ancient temple in Japan

A 17-year-old Canadian tourist was caught defacing a wooden pillar at a Buddhist temple in the Japanese city of Nara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The […]
11 July 2023

Japan Airlines launches new clothing rental service to reduce CO2 emissions

Japan Airlines has launched a clothing rental service called Any Wear, Anywhere with the aim of encouraging passengers to travel with less luggage, thus reducing the […]
9 May 2023

Why Japanese workers are taking naps at the office

Being sleepy at work, we all know how it feels. You’re less productive, you feel cranky and at the same time you’re afraid you’ll either start […]
20 April 2023

Japan unveils its first casino in bid to attract more tourism

After an initial proposal in 2020 to legalize casino gambling in the country, Japan is set to open its first integrated resort in 2029. 1. First […]
13 April 2023

Tokyo ramen restaurant asks customers to stop watching videos on their phones

Quite a few restaurants around the world have implemented some sort of phone ban or restriction. The reason is usually to encourage customers to detach from […]
6 April 2023

Japan imposes tourism cap in the Iriomote island to protect native wild cat

The Iriomote island, located in the Okinawa prefecture, will restrict the number of tourists to 1,200 per day. 1. Protecting biodiversity The Japanese island of Iriomote […]
22 March 2023

Tokyo’s new theme park ‘The Making of Harry Potter’ set to open on 16 June

On Wednesday March 15th, Warner Bros. Discovery announced that its new Harry Potter theme park, Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter, […]
22 March 2023

Japan sees spike in number of international tourists

Japan has seen a substantial increase in the number of international tourists since the country open its borders in late 2022, said Shinya Kurosawa, president and […]