Dana is a Travel Tomorrow reporter. She graduated in Political Science and International Relations. She moved to Brussels from Romania for her studies and Mont des Arts made her fall in love with the city and remain here. She loves animals, especially dogs, and everything food related, but dessert most of all.

13 July 2023

10 most instagrammable spots in Baku

Baku is a city that keeps on giving. I had the opportunity of visiting it for a second time earlier this year and, as soon as […]
12 July 2023

What to do this summer of love in Leuven?

School’s out for summer in the beautiful and ancient Belgian university town of Leuven and to celebrate you’re invited to join some of the best summer […]
7 July 2023

Brussels launches Summer Wonders festival

Brussels’ Plaisirs d’Hiver, or Winter Wonders, Christmas market is a staple of the European capital and the best Christmas Market in the world. Building on this […]
29 June 2023

Getaway to Mechelen, where blue skies seem to go on forever

From the top of St Rumbold’s Tower in Mechelen, gazing out at the distant skylines of Brussels and Antwerp, the whole of Belgium and its history […]
29 June 2023

The world’s most extreme travel experiences

If smashing frontier taboos is your jam, then seek no further. Who knows, you might just help with conservation and contribute to the sum of human […]
27 June 2023

World’s best travel experiences to try out in 2023

After you chose the destination and take care of the practicalities like flights and accommodation, the most pressing question when planning a holiday is “What are […]
21 June 2023

Bruges gets summer-ready with six festivals not to miss

The Bruges summer festival season promises to be a hot one this year, with a line-up of events –including music, dance, light installations, and film – […]
16 June 2023

Summertime and the living is easy in Mechelen

From palm trees and beaches to brewery gardens and chilling along the banks of the Dyle, Mechelen’s Flemish charms will seduce you this summer. And with […]
16 June 2023

Hidden Ghent: delve into the secrets of a medieval capital

Ghent is a place of secrets going back to the seventh century. For five hundred years over the Middle Ages, it was one of Europe’s most […]
13 June 2023

3 national parks within a 2-hour drive from Brussels

Ah, Brussels. It’s the beating heart of Europe, the city that rarely sleeps, the place where so much is possible. The city where a hundred different […]
13 June 2023

Exploring the secrets of Khiva

For a period of my life, back when my voice was high-pitched and I cared about nothing except hard-rock music and whether girls were glancing at […]
8 June 2023

Cycling around the ‘Green Belt’ in 72 hours

The ‘green’ in Green Belt? You can take that literally cycling the lush loop encircling Brussels. This 126-km bike route is a grab bag of enticing […]
7 June 2023

“Karabakh After the War” photo exhibition showcased in the European Parliament

War is always devastating. No matter how long or short, no matter how spread or contained, no matter where in the world it occurs, war damages […]
7 June 2023

In the Footsteps of Napoleon: a different way to discover Belgium’s beautiful Wallonia

A driving and walking trail called Napoleon’s Route: In the Footsteps of Napoleon now offers a great way to visit Belgium and train your sights on […]
6 June 2023

Discover the world’s strangest islands

Secret societies, supernatural activity, hidden paradises, cats, rabbits and crabs by the thousands, we have everything in this unusual route. Discover the strangest islands in the […]
31 May 2023

Meet the Canadian who sailed alone around the world without a GPS

If there is anyone who knows the meaning of complete isolation it’s the Canadian sailor Bert ter Hart. He became the eighth person in the world […]