17 October 2022

Brussels Airport welcomed 2 million passengers in September, but still far from its pre-pandemic level

In September, Brussels Airport welcomed over 2 million passengers, and handled 66,000 tonnes of cargo. Last month, 2.002.540 people traveled through Brussels Airport, which is 80% […]
17 October 2022

TAP Air Portugal has recovered more than 95% of its pre-pandemic Brazilian traffic

TAP Air Portugal has recovered more than 95% of its traffic (in relation to 2019) on its routes between Portugal and Brazil, reports Simple Flying Magazine. […]
17 October 2022

Operations at Heathrow remain uncertain despite foreseen removal of passenger cap

Heathrow airport has announced that it foresees uncertain demand in the coming months. The airport is preparing itself for what lies ahead as the daily cap […]
11 October 2022

European Parliament revamps take-off and landing rules for the aviation sector

With air traffic increasing near to pre-pandemic levels, the European Parliament approved a gradual return to standard airport slots operating rules. While the take-off and landing […]
10 October 2022

UN aviation body reveals long-term aviation climate goal

After years of talks, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a body of the United Nations, reached a long-term aviation climate goal of net-zero by 2050. […]
6 October 2022

Air traffic recovery showed continued momentum through peak summer season

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced passenger data for August 2022 showing continued momentum in the air travel recovery. Total traffic in August 2022, measured […]
6 October 2022

Flying taxi completes its first piloted flight

Over the weekend of the 24th and 25th of September, Vertical Aerospace saw its VX4 eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft take off from the […]
6 October 2022

TAP against the increase in airport fees proposed by ANA Airports of Portugal

TAP has criticized the initiative to increase airport charges led by ANA (Airports of Portugal) In a statement, the airline noted that the measure would be […]
5 October 2022

Swedish start-up brings commercial electric flying one step forward

Swedish electric airplane maker Heart Aerospace unveiled significant design updates to its first electric aircraft and confirmed on 15 September, bringing commercial electric flying one step […]
5 October 2022

Eurowings pilots on strike tomorrow

Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), the union representing German commercial pilots, has announced that Eurowings pilots will be on strike tomorrow, 6 October. “Negotiations on collective wage agreement […]
5 October 2022

US flight attendants to get more mandated rest time between flights

On Tuesday October 4th, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finalized a rule requiring 10 hours minimum, non-reducible rest for flight attendants between duty days. The law, […]
4 October 2022

France’s most British airport to change name to Queen Elizabeth II

The French town of Touquet Paris-Plage is sometimes called “the most British of French resorts” and its airport acquired the same nickname. To honour the late […]
4 October 2022

A4E calls on European aviation to prevent future chaos by learning from this summer

The summer season of this year has been chaotic for the aviation industry, for service providers and customers alike. From insufficient staffing at airport security, to […]
3 October 2022

Schiphol called “worst airport ever” as chaos returns to the airport, again

As chaos returns to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport once more, passengers waiting hours in line to get to security call it the “worst airport ever”. Despite measures […]
3 October 2022

Amsterdam Schiphol loses flights to Brussels Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol’s airport announced last week it is extending the daily passenger cap until at least March 2023. As a result, airlines are either moving their […]
3 October 2022

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to cap passengers until March 2023

Schiphol Airport has extended the cap on the number of passengers until early 2023. In a statement released last Thursday, the airport announced that travelers’ numbers […]
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