Mr Alexandros Vassilikos was elected as HOTREC President, together with a new Executive committee last October, and has taken office since 1 January 2023. We wanted to know if you would be interested to interview him for Travel Tomorrow or if you have another idea for cooperation.

26 January 2023

Make small and medium hospitality enterprises thrive again

While our industry is called on to lay the foundations of a successful double transition – sustainable and digital – our restaurants, hotels and cafés are […]
26 January 2023

UK Border Force strikes confirmed for 1 February

The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) has confirmed a strike action that will affect travelers and goods entering the UK on February 1 and 2. The […]
25 January 2023

The European Single Market was key to boost the Travel and Tourism industry

The 30 years of the European Single Market represent a crucial milestone in the development and cohesion of the European Union countries. Just over thirty years […]
25 January 2023

Moving to Germany could become easier under new visa scheme

Germany has announced the easing of the immigration processes, something that would facilitate the entry of non-European skilled individuals seeking to develop their professional careers. On […]
24 January 2023

Málaga chosen as global headquarters for the Future of Tourism Coalition

Málaga is due to become the seat of the first ever Future of Tourism Coalition (FoTC) global headquarters and will act as the FoTC’s European hub, […]
24 January 2023

Over 900 million tourists travelled internationally in 2022, twice more than in 2021

After a stronger than expected recovery in 2022, this year could see international tourist arrivals return to pre-pandemic levels in Europe and the Middle East, according […]
24 January 2023

Thailand welcomes first Chinese tourists after almost three years

Chinese tourists are again being welcomed in Thailand as the Chinese New Year celebrations took place this past weekend. No quarantine, no tests, it is easy […]
23 January 2023

Machu Picchu closed indefinitely amid political violence

Peruvian officials have closed the Machu Picchu Citadel and nearby Inca trails to tourists indefinitely, it was announced on Saturday. The decision comes as key infrastructure […]
23 January 2023

Aviation industry welcomes delay of EU’s Entry Exit System

The EU’s Entry Exit System (EES), the new smart border system for non-EU nationals, was supposed to be introduced in May 2023, but was postponed to […]
23 January 2023

Paris is the world’s ‘most powerful’ tourism city, new report shows

Paris is the world’s most powerful city destination, according to recent data from World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). The report, sponsored by Visa and researched […]
19 January 2023

Number of tourists visiting Bruges continues to be on the rise

Musea Brugge, the organization behind Bruges‘ urban museums, had a very good 2022. The various museums and monuments of the museum group together received nearly 700,000 […]
18 January 2023

France set to be most visited country in the world by 2025

France is set to cement itself as the most visited country in the world, according to GlobalData, which estimates that the country will attract 93.7 million […]
18 January 2023

Can tourism have positive impacts beyond employment and profit?

Tramps and hobos travel from place to place and stay away overnight, but they are not tourists; they are not temporarily staying away from home; they […]
16 January 2023

Nights booked online in summer 2022 up 9%, exceeding 2019 levels

Eurostat has released data revealing that during the third quarter of 2022, which included the traditional summer holiday months of July and August, guests spent around […]
13 January 2023

How is Azerbaijan promoting its tourism offer?

In 2020 the world came to a stop as Covid-19 spread across the globe. Azerbaijan, like many other countries, is now more than ever promoting its […]
12 January 2023

World’s most powerful passports in 2023

Henley & Partners has revealed its ranking for the most powerful passports in 2023. For the fifth year running, Japan crowns the Henley Passport Index, which […]
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