Deborah O’Donoghue is a British-Irish writer who has lived in the UK, France and Belgium. She has travelled all over the world and worked in car body repairs, in the best fish ‘n’ chip shop in Brighton, and been a gopher in a comedy club, as well as a teacher. She’s a past winner of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Short Story Prize. Her début novel, Sea of Bones, was published by Legend Press in 2019 and comes out in Germany in 2021. Follow Deborah on Twitter and Instagram.

19 December 2022

Would you fly transatlantic powered only by waste oils and fats?

An intercontinental flight fueled only by waste oils and fats? That’s the proposal for 2023 from Virgin Atlantic, who are claiming a Boeing 787 trip from […]
14 December 2022

How will commercial aviation reach net-zero emissions by 2050?

The introduction of low-cost flights opened the door to millions of people who wanted to travel without having to spend too much time on the journey. […]
14 December 2022

United and Boeing announce largest widebody aircraft order in US commercial aviation history

On 13 December, United Airlines and Boeing announced the largest widebody order by a US carrier in commercial aviation history, the airline ordering 100 Boeing 787 […]
14 December 2022

Palma de Mallorca Airport will soon let you keep liquids and electronics in your bag at security

Part of a redevelopment scheme that started in November, the Palma de Mallorca Airport plans to remove the requirement for passengers to remove liquids and electronics […]
14 December 2022

World’s first Chinese-made commercial aircraft makes maiden flight

On Friday December 9th, the world’s first COMAC C919, a Chinese-made narrow-body jet, was delivered to customer China Eastern Airlines in Shanghai. The plane made a […]
13 December 2022

KLM’s CEO believes passengers ought to choose the train whenever possible

The CEO of KLM, Marjan Rintel, is encouraging people to travel by train rather than by plane for short distances, and believes the airline sector should […]
12 December 2022

Brussels Airport to reduce capacity by 70% this Friday due to national protest

Trade unions in Belgium have announced a protest for Friday, 16 December, which is expected to make Brussels Airport reduce its capacity to just 30% of […]
12 December 2022

‘Net zero emissions’ mean air travel will become more expensive

With the aviation industry facing net zero targets by 2050, the head of a global aviation body has warned that travelling by air must inevitably become […]
12 December 2022

Pollute less or pay more, Belgium tells aviation industry

From next spring, Belgians could be breathing easier and those living under noisy flight paths could find they have a quieter life. Belgium is targeting private […]
9 December 2022

Long-haul flights unchecked under the EU deal to tighten carbon market rules in aviation

EU lawmakers reached a deal to tighten carbon market rules yet the exclusion of long-haul flights raised critics from environmentalists. Another deal done! ✈️ We agreed […]
9 December 2022

Why you have to put your phone in airplane mode when flying

We all know the announcement before take-off and landing asking us to either close our electronic devices or put them in airplane mode. Regardless of whether […]
8 December 2022

Stranded passengers block access to Terminal B at Brussels Airport

Starting early morning on 8 December, about 40 stranded passengers started protesting to show their anger for their flight being cancelled by blocking access to Terminal […]
8 December 2022

SAF production to reach 200% increase by the end of the year

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates that Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production will reach at least 300 million litres in 2022, a 200% increase on […]
8 December 2022

‘Ready to Fly’ is one step closer to reality

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released new industry standards which will make the dream of arriving at airports ready-to-fly one step closer to reality.  […]
6 December 2022

Airlines expected to make $4.7 billion profit in 2023

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) expects a return to profitability for the global airline industry only in 2023, as airlines continue to cut losses stemming […]
5 December 2022

Aerospace Rolls-Royce achieves successful milestone on hydrogen-powered jet engine

Giant aerospace Rolls-Royce announced the world’s first successful hydrogen test to power a modern aircraft engine, instead of using conventional fuel. 1. Wind and tidal power […]
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