Marta studied Political Science and Media & Journalism at the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) and has developed her journalistic career working for the Portuguese newspapers Diário de Notícias, Correio da Manhā and media outlets in Brussels. She is a reporter for Travel Tomorrow, and is also engaged in delivering communications services and EU policy research for different consultancies in Brussels. A former Blue Book trainee of the European Commission, Marta has a keen interest in EU and global affairs, and experience in reporting and interpreting information. Whenever she can, Marta loves traveling, exploring nature and learning about regenerative agriculture. She is also quite enthusiastic about space ventures and the cosmos.

19 October 2023

EU’s new Antitrust Commissioner to tighten rules for airline mergers

The EU announced stricter rules for airline mergers in a bid to ensure fair competition in the aviation industry. The news came from the EU’s new […]
18 October 2023

European Court of Justice rejects Ryanair appeal against state aid to Brussels Airlines

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), the equivalent of a Supreme Court for the bloc, rejected on Wednesday, 18 September, a complaint form […]
18 October 2023

Is UK’s rail network failing?

Almost 200 years ago, in 1825, the world’s first public railway opened in the UK, connecting Stockton and Darlington. Two centuries later, while other countries around […]
18 October 2023

UK Space Solar farm initiative could beam clean energy back to Earth by 2035

Space Solar, a tech firm specialising in the commercial development of space, particularly space-based solar power, has revealed its vision for the future of clean and […]
18 October 2023

Flanders sounds the alarm over new flight routes to and from Brussels Airport

The latest installment in an ongoing row about Brussels Airport’s flight paths is here, as Flanders invokes a conflict-of-interest procedure over routes it says are unfairly […]
18 October 2023

Amsterdam’s tourist tax set to become steepest in Europe

Amsterdam is increasing its tourist tax from 2024, making it the city with the highest such visitor charge in Europe. How much? In a budget statement, […]
17 October 2023

Europe’s first private rocket successfully launched by Spanish startup

On 7 October, Spanish startup PLD Space successfully launched its Miura 1 rocket after two previously abandoned attempts earlier this year. Miura 1, named after a […]
17 October 2023

United Airlines redefines in-flight experience with Bluetooth integration

United Airlines has unveiled its latest technological advancement, showcasing the integration of Bluetooth aboard its aircraft. With more than 100 planes already equipped and plans to […]
17 October 2023

Rail tunnel between France and Italy to remain closed until summer 2024

On 27 August, a landslide in the French Maurienne Valley caused the Fréjus tunnel, connecting France and Italy to close. While the road traffic segment of […]
17 October 2023

Is it safe to travel to Brussels right now?

Following a terrorist attack that took place yesterday evening,  killing two Swedes, possibly in town for the Belgium – Sweden football match, Belgium’s Coordination Unit for […]
17 October 2023

No more petrol or diesel cars in Stockholm centre from 2025

Petrol and diesel cars will be banned from Stockholm’s inner city from 2025, the Swedish city has announced. Covering 20 blocks of the capital’s finance and […]
17 October 2023

Would-be premium airline BermudAir backtracks on ‘business class-only’ model

BermudAir, an upstart airline that made the promise of business-class only travel its USP, has abandoned its exclusive credentials just weeks after it took off. “Elevate […]
17 October 2023

One of Japan’s most iconic views now comes with a tourist tax

Japan is introducing a visitor tax at one of its most famous tourist sites to raise money to help protect and preserve its heritage for another […]
16 October 2023

China sees travel boom amid 8-day national holiday

This year, the Mid-Autumn Festival fell on 29 September, right before the “golden week”, a week-long national holiday in China on the occasion of the National […]
16 October 2023

Google rolls out AI tech to optimise traffic lights and reduce emissions

Google has recently launched the Project Green Light, an initiative using AI to model traffic patterns and adapt traffic lights to optimise flow across cities and […]
16 October 2023

Jordan remains “safe and welcoming”, says tourist board, amid regional war

Jordan has distanced its tourism sector from the deadly war raging in next-door Israel. As deadly war and a state of emergency rage in Israel, many […]