Marta studied Political Science and Media & Journalism at the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) and has developed her journalistic career working for the Portuguese newspapers Diário de Notícias, Correio da Manhā and media outlets in Brussels. She is a reporter for Travel Tomorrow, and is also engaged in delivering communications services and EU policy research for different consultancies in Brussels. A former Blue Book trainee of the European Commission, Marta has a keen interest in EU and global affairs, and experience in reporting and interpreting information. Whenever she can, Marta loves traveling, exploring nature and learning about regenerative agriculture. She is also quite enthusiastic about space ventures and the cosmos.

9 January 2023

Norway and Germany to build hydrogen corridor connecting the two countries by 2030

Norway and Germany announced a plan to build a wide-reaching hydrogen pipeline between the two countries by 2030. Initially, the corridor will transport blue hydrogen produced […]
9 January 2023

Belgian-based cabin crew threatens Ryanair with monthly strikes

Belgian-based Ryanair staff declared that they will strike two days per month if an agreement with management is not reached by the end of January. On […]
9 January 2023

Southeast Asia set for post-Covid Chinese tourism boom

Southeast Asia’s tourism industries can look forward to a boost from China’s newly opened borders, according to Reuters. In contrast to other nations worldwide who are […]
9 January 2023

Air India under fire for its handling of unruly passenger

On a flight between New York and New Delhi, a drunk man urinated on a passenger who immediately reported the incident to the crew. Authorities are […]
9 January 2023

Belgium requires travellers from China to present a negative covid test before departure

After several EU Member States started imposing testing requirements for travellers arriving from China, a meeting of the Council’s Integrated Political Crisis Response (IPCR) unit established […]
8 January 2023

What is our generation’s responsibility?

What do we owe the future? In 1950 there were 2.5 billion of us on our planet, with the population growing at close to 20% per […]
7 January 2023

European airlines are uncomfortable with new Covid measures for travellers arriving from China

On Thursday January 5th, Airlines for Europe (A4E) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), released a statement lamenting the EU member states’ agreement to recommend […]
6 January 2023

Another Ryanair strike cancels 100 flights in Belgium this weekend

The Belgium-based Ryanair staff is striking again this weekend, with about 100 flights being cancelled at Brussels’ South Charleroi Airport. The battle between employees and management […]
6 January 2023

Flying robots are inspecting wind turbines

Wind power sits at the heart of the energy transition for many countries with the right geographical and meteorological conditions. Guaranteeing wind turbine blade maintenance is […]
6 January 2023

Caltech’s space mission is testing the viability of space-based solar power

The Transporter-6 mission was launched to space on January 3 on the Momentus Vigoride spacecraft carried aboard a SpaceX rocket. We celebrate the successful launch of […]
6 January 2023

European ski resorts forced to close due to record-breaking warm temperatures

Europe is recording one of its warmest winters on record. In France, several ski resorts have had to resort to alternative ways of entertainment give the […]
6 January 2023

These destinations are bound to trend in 2023

Mabrian Technologies, a company specialising in Tourism Intelligence, has revealed the top 10 destinations that will stand out in 2023 for their positioning in terms of […]
5 January 2023

What were the most punctual airlines in 2022?

The past year has been absolutely hectic for travelling, but especially for the aviation industry. Over the course of the pandemic, travel restrictions were lifted a […]
5 January 2023

The supersonic spaceplane Dream Chaser to launch first manned mission in 2026

The future of space exploration will largely rely on the supersonic spaceplane Dream Chaser: the first launch will depart in 2023 with a cargo mission, and […]
5 January 2023

EU Member States agree on pre-departure testing of travellers from China

After EU Member States had been divided over the necessity of pre-departure testing of travellers coming from China for the past week, an emergency meeting of […]
4 January 2023

EU to demand pre-departure tests for travellers from China

Over the past week, European countries have been divided over the necessary requirements that need to be imposed on travellers arriving from China, considering the recent […]