Camille Van Puymbroeck is a Belgian freelance journalist with a big interest in anything lifestyle and ecology-related. Nothing makes her more happy than visiting a former Soviet building, overgrown by nature, equipped with a camera and a coffee. Not without an Italian meal afterwards, of course. Her work has previously been published in Metro, Sabato Magazine and Culinaire Ambiance.

3 May 2022

This 450 km cycling path from Paris to the Mont Saint-Michel dazzles bicycle travellers

Of all the countries one could choose to travel to, France certainly isn’t the shabbiest. In the land of love, wine and cheese, ultimate holiday vibes […]
3 May 2022

California 100% powered by renewables for the first time

On Saturday April 30th, renewable electricity met 100% of California‘s electricity demand for the first time ever. According to American news outlet Desert Sun, more than […]
2 May 2022

Star Alliance launches contactless travel at Hamburg Airport

“Camera on” has become the new motto at Hamburg Airport. After a successful introductory phase, the Star Alliance biometric face field recognition system is now officially […]
2 May 2022

Tourists crash drones into Italy landmarks in Rome and Pisa

A new drone incident has occurred in Italy, this time involving an Argentinian man who is being accused of flouting Rome’s strict no-fly zone rules after […]
2 May 2022

What is holding airlines from using green jet fuel?

Green jet fuel is already available and it has the potential to green aviation but production costs remain high hampering scale up. 1. SAF and climate […]
2 May 2022

The world’s first floating city is coming to South Korea

A pilot project for the world’s first floating city is being built in Busan, South Korea. Busan—South Korea’s largest port and the country’s second-largest city—is now […]
2 May 2022

EU to extend Covid Certificate until June 2023

The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs proposed to extend the current EU Digital Covid Certificate rules for travel until 30 June, 2023 to […]
2 May 2022

US tourists cause panic at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport by trying to smuggle a war ‘souvenir’

On Thursday April 28th, Israel‘s Ben Gurion International Airport had to be evacuated after an unexploded artillery shell was found in the luggage of American passengers. […]
29 April 2022

Top 5 luxury travel trends for 2022

Travelling comes in lots of different kinds and sizes. For some, it’s all about thrill-seeking adventures. For others, there’s nothing like a low-cost backpacking vacation. And […]
29 April 2022

Australia offers flights for €12 to encourage potential workers from the UK and Ireland

Australia is opening its doors for residents and citizens of the UK and Ireland for only €12. The scheme intends to encourage workers to visit the […]
29 April 2022

Some US airlines are offering options for people who don’t want to fly with unmasked passengers

Given that wearing a mask is no longer a requirement at US airports or during flights, some airlines have said they would be offering options, including […]
29 April 2022

SkyTeam Alliance temporarily suspends Russia’s Aeroflot

The suspension of Russian national carrier Aeroflot comes a week after the suspension of another Russian airline company, S7, from the Oneworld alliance. 1. Temporary decision […]
29 April 2022

Boeing lost 1.1 billion on Air Force One contract with Donald Trump

Boeing’s CEO regrets the deal his company signed with former President Donald Trump to produce new Air Force One aircraft. David Calhoun said “it was a […]
29 April 2022

How air pollution could destroy some of the most iconic locations

During the months of the pandemic, the levels of air pollution were considerably reduced in all cities of the world. Some of of those destinations shone […]
29 April 2022

8 out of 10 Europeans have contracted Covid-19, estimates the European Commission

The European Commission estimates that between 60 percent and 80 percent of the European Union’s population has already been infected with Covid-19 as member states enter […]
28 April 2022

Meet the 12 winners of the 15th Brussels Airport Aviation Awards

Brussels Airport Company continues its annual tradition of presenting the Brussels Airport Aviation Awards. With these awards, Brussels Airport wants to honour those airlines and partners […]
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