Dana is a Travel Tomorrow reporter. She graduated in Political Science and International Relations. She moved to Brussels from Romania for her studies and Mont des Arts made her fall in love with the city and remain here. She loves animals, especially dogs, and everything food related, but dessert most of all.

24 November 2022

Over 400 organizations call on governments at COP27 to invest more in walking and cycling

Over 400 organisations from 73 countries signed the Partnership for Active Travel and Health (PATH) open letter calling on government and city leaders to invest more […]
24 November 2022

National Park Service renames “offensive” Grand Canyon stopping point to Havasupai Gardens

The administration of the Grand Canyon National Park has chosen to rename the “Indian Garden” as reparations to the Havasupai, a local tribe that was evicted […]
24 November 2022

Venice’s climate adaptation investments protect it from exceptionally high tide

After a particularly devastating flood following one of the highest tides the city has ever seen, Venice invested in climate adaptation systems to prevent future extreme […]
23 November 2022

India relaxes Covid entry rules

Last October India announced it would once again welcome international travellers after 18 months of closure. Now, over a year later, the country’s Ministry of Health […]
22 November 2022

Japan sees a surge in number of visitors after tourism reopening

The number of foreign visitors to Japan rose to 498,600 in October, more than double September’s 206,500, according to the Japan National Tourism Organization. This is […]
22 November 2022

British Airways tests smart tech allowing passengers to skip showing their passport

British Airways has become the first UK airline to test the use of biometric technology for international flights, enabling customers taking part in the trial to […]
22 November 2022

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief someone else will save it

Robert Swan is the first person to walk to the North and South Poles. The moratorium on mining in Antarctica designates Antarctica as a “natural reserve, […]
22 November 2022

How many countries have achieved carbon neutrality?

Countries across the world are designing measures to reduce their carbon dioxide footprint, in line with the Paris Agreement, which has established a 1.5°C temperature limit […]
22 November 2022

Humans will live on the Moon this decade, NASA says

Scientific missions on the Moon, the Earth’s natural satellite, will likely require humans to establish and live there, according to the NASA official leading the Artemis […]
21 November 2022

Iceland invites space tourists to save money and visit the island instead

‘Mission: Iceland‘ is Iceland’s latest tourism campaign encouraging space tourists to save money and visit the Nordic country instead, for the same otherworldly experiences at a […]
21 November 2022

Pilot dangles from cockpit window to grab passenger’s lost phone

In the US, a Southwest Airlines pilot has chosen to lean out of a cockpit window after a plane had already left its gate. The extraordinary […]
21 November 2022

Portugal announces green high-speed rail ambitions

Portugal has announced new high-speed trains which could halve journey times, in a statement about a major update to the Iberian rail system. Reuters reported the […]
21 November 2022

Airbus begins A321 aircraft production in China

Airbus has announced the commissioning of the first A321 aircraft to be assembled at its Final Assembly Line Asia (FAL Tianjin) in Tianjin, China. The breakthrough […]
21 November 2022

Belgium announces tougher noise standards for Brussels Airport

Belgian Mobility Minister has announced stricter standards to reduce noise pollution at Brussels Airport in Zaventem. The new measure aims to push airlines to modernize their […]
21 November 2022

Space-based solar power could really work

The European aerospace giant Airbus has demonstrated that space-based solar power could be beamed from space. To date, the wireless transmission system can bridge a distance […]
21 November 2022

France tightens border controls with Italy after diplomatic spat over EU’s migrant distribution

Border controls between France and Italy have become tighter after a diplomatic spat over the distribution of migrants arriving from Africa. On Sunday November 13th, long […]