12 August 2021

Iceberg Queen. A 77-grandma almost got lost in the sea

Posing for photos is usually funny and pleasant, but a 77-years old grandmother from Texas can assure you it can be also very thorny. Judith Streng […]
12 August 2021

The world upside down. This American restaurant only serves those who aren’t vaccinated

Let’s face it: ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, the world has been captivated by Covid-19. We watch the news about ten times more than […]
12 August 2021

Sicily may have registered Europe’s highest temperature on record

In recent months, several indicators and natural phenomena have pointed to a growing effect of global warming around the world, with studies and experts showing more […]
11 August 2021

This resort in Dubai is creating a huge coral reef

A luxury megaproject called Heart of Europe just off the coast of Dubai, UAE, plans to create a new giant coral reef. The Coral Institute will […]
11 August 2021

This Dutch town is welcoming the country’s biggest sustainable mall

Going to a mall has long been a very American thing to do. As someone who lived in Europe her whole life, the word ‘mall’ immediately […]
11 August 2021

These are the world’s best airports for 2021

Skytrax, a UK based independent airline industry consulting group has released its annual ranking of the world’s best airports at the World Airport Awards and for the first […]
11 August 2021

Visit a US National Park for free in 2021

There is nothing quite like immersing yourself in the beautiful phenomenon that is the natural world. Walking amongst ancient trees, observing unique wildlife or canoeing across […]
10 August 2021

France’s health pass: What changed on August 9th?

The new requirements for the use of the health pass (pass sanitaire) came into force in France on Monday August 9th. It’s now mandatory to show […]
10 August 2021

Having failed to mitigate we must now also adapt to climate change

This report has been a long time coming, too long. The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been very careful not to exaggerate the scientific […]
10 August 2021

The first flying taxis to start operating in cities in 2024

German startups Lilium and Volocopter have announced that they are planning to inaugurate a flying taxi service in 2024. For their part, Hyundai and General Motors […]
9 August 2021

Wild East. The campaign to rewild the East of England

When it comes to protecting our environment and fighting climate change, a great way to do this is to promote wild and natural landscapes. This boosts […]
9 August 2021

It is official. 2020 was worst year on record for the airline industry

Official data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) exposes the devastating impact of Covid-19 on global air transport during 2020. At the depth of the […]
6 August 2021

Thailand bans use of sunscreen in all of its national parks

In an effort to protect the country’s national parks, Thailand has banned the use of sunscreen containing chemicals that are harmful to the environment. 1. The […]
6 August 2021

Lufthansa sleeper’s row: An entire row all to yourself on long-haul flights

As of 2nd August, Lufthansa guests travelling in Economy Class on select long-haul flights will have the option of booking a Sleeper’s Row. Able to choose […]
6 August 2021

New report signals how the Travel & Tourism sector could help eradicate human trafficking

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has released a new report that signals how the global Travel & Tourism sector can help eradicate human trafficking. […]
5 August 2021

Use of face mask in Belgium might be lifted in September

On August 3rd, the Belgian vaccinologist, Pierre Van Damme, suggested that in September Belgium could potentially remove the requirement to wear a face mask in closed […]
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