Mauricio Ruiz is a writer and journalist who has lived in the US, Belgium, Mexico and Norway. His work has appeared in Words Without Borders, CatapultThe CommonThe RumpusElectric LiteratureJMWWRiver TeethLiteral Magazine, among others. He's been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize and Myriad Editions Competition in the UK, as well as the Fish Short Story Prize in Ireland. He has received fellowships from OMI writers (NY), Société des auteurs (Belgium), Jakob Sande (Norway), Can Serrat (Spain), and the Three Seas' Council (Rhodes). His second book, Silencios al sur, was published in early 2017, and his work has partially been translated into Dutch and French. Mauricio Ruiz can be followed on Twitter and Instagram.

20 December 2022

US visa delays to result in loss of 6.6 million tourists and $11 billion in 2023

Prolonged visa delays are stifling tourism recovery in the US, according to the US Travel Association (USTA), the industry’s leading advocacy group. USTA estimates that US […]
19 December 2022

5 tourist attractions you won’t be able to visit in 2023

Tourism across the world is on the rise. Despite higher air fares, long queues at airports due to reduced staff and scheduled strikes, many seem bent […]
19 December 2022

France and Ireland to launch new combined train and ferry tickets

France and Ireland are launching a single ticket in the summer of 2023 that can be used for flight-free travel in both countries. The initiative aims […]
19 December 2022

New Paris-Madrid high speed rail connection announced for 2024

Fancy a Parisian croissant for breakfast and Madrileño tapas for lunch? And no climate guilt? Paris and Madrid are set to be linked with a new […]
19 December 2022

Stranded tourists evacuated from Peru

For the past few weeks, Peru has been the home of political unrest, with protests taking over the country. Since former president Pedro Castillo was removed […]
19 December 2022

Azerbaijan, Georgia, Hungary and Romania sign Black Sea Energy submarine cable deal

On Saturday, 17 December, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen met with leaders from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Hungary and Romania for the signing of a Black […]
19 December 2022

Belgium to tax private jets and short-haul flights

As of April 1, 2023, Belgium will increase taxes on short-haul flights and private jets to reduce noise and air pollution, as reported by Reuters. Currently, […]
19 December 2022

Would you fly transatlantic powered only by waste oils and fats?

An intercontinental flight fueled only by waste oils and fats? That’s the proposal for 2023 from Virgin Atlantic, who are claiming a Boeing 787 trip from […]
19 December 2022

Switzerland’s high-tech GoldenPass Express train can jump rail tracks

On December 11th, Switzerland‘s newest panoramic train took its first journey. The GoldenPass Express offers a smooth and even more comfortable travel experience on one of […]
19 December 2022

Italy implements one-way foot traffic in Naples overtouristed street

Like every year, the famous Via San Gregorio Armeno in Naples, Italy, fills up with tourists from all over the world who visit the renowned nativity […]
16 December 2022

National riots cause travel disruptions in Peru

Since Peru’s president Pedro Castillo was removed from office last week, facing an impeachment trial, his supporters have been taking over the streets in protest. The […]
16 December 2022

EU Council recommends lift of all Covid-19 travel restrictions in the EU

On 13 December, the Council of the European Union adopted updated recommendations on travel to the EU and on facilitating free movement within the EU during […]
15 December 2022

EU unifies rules on access to emergency ID for travelers abroad

The European Commission notified EU governments about the latest measures on consular protection. 1. EU Emergency Travel Document EU citizens who happen to lose their passport […]
15 December 2022

EU approves €1.8bn to increase charging stations for EVs in Germany

The European Commission has approved, under EU State aid rules, a €1.8 billion German scheme to support the roll out of high power charging  stations for […]
15 December 2022

Japanese billionaire chooses 8 artists to take to the Moon in 2023

Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa has announced 8 crewmembers, and 2 backups, who will join him on the dearMoon mission. They will be the first humans Starship […]
15 December 2022

EU agrees on carbon border tax to curb polluting imports

EU legislators reached an agreement to tax carbon under the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), which will apply to imports across several sectors, forcing polluters to […]