Mauricio Ruiz is a writer and journalist who has lived in the US, Belgium, Mexico and Norway. His work has appeared in Words Without Borders, CatapultThe CommonThe RumpusElectric LiteratureJMWWRiver TeethLiteral Magazine, among others. He's been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize and Myriad Editions Competition in the UK, as well as the Fish Short Story Prize in Ireland. He has received fellowships from OMI writers (NY), Société des auteurs (Belgium), Jakob Sande (Norway), Can Serrat (Spain), and the Three Seas' Council (Rhodes). His second book, Silencios al sur, was published in early 2017, and his work has partially been translated into Dutch and French. Mauricio Ruiz can be followed on Twitter and Instagram.

8 May 2023

France to invest 2 billion in cycling infrastructure by 2027

Authorities in France will invest 2 billion euros over the next four years to develop the infrastructure for cycling, as well as encourage citizens to increase […]
8 May 2023

How tourism can be part of the solution to climate change

Amidst the European Tourism Day, the Network of European Regions for Sustainable and Competitive Tourism (NECSTouR) organised a thematic workshop in Brussels on scaling-out regenerative tourism […]
8 May 2023

Ghent launches campaign for visually and hearing impaired tourists

The city of Ghent has launched a tourist itinerary for hearing and visually impaired visitors, as reported by Belgian news outlet VRT. The campaign includes special […]
8 May 2023

EU launches competitions to promote smart and sustainable tourism

The European Commission has launched two competitions to promote smart and sustainable tourism in the EU, network and strengthen destinations, and facilitate the exchange of best […]
8 May 2023

This is the largest aircraft graveyard in the world

In the Arizona desert lies one of the strangest graveyards in the world. Known as ‘the boneyard’, the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) is a […]
8 May 2023

45% of Europe’s airports recovered or exceeded their pre-pandemic volumes

Passenger traffic kept recovering in the first quarter of 2023 across the European airport network, as volumes increased by 49% compared to the same period last […]
5 May 2023

US to end Covid-19 vaccine air travel requirements on May 11

On Monday May 1st, the White House announced that the requirement to present a Covid-19 vaccination certificate for travelers and US government officials would be lifted […]
4 May 2023

China to land astronauts on the moon by 2030

China’s space program has been making significant progress in recent years, including successful missions to the moon with robotic spacecraft. 1. Taikonauts on the moon China […]
4 May 2023

Applications now open for the ‘Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism Awards 2023’

Applications for this year’s Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism Awards are now open. The overall theme of this edition is “Smart Tourism – Smart Destinations”, encompassing […]
4 May 2023

British Airways partners with Visit Britain to welcome travellers for King’s Coronation

As the United Kingdom welcomes visitors from across the world for a weekend of celebrations for the Coronation of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty […]
4 May 2023

Would you attend a zero-gravity concert?

Florida based Zero Gravity Corporation (Zero-G) has recently announced a series of zero gravity concerts. The new initiative allows musicians to perform their top songs with […]
4 May 2023

The vital role of tourism in the EU

Tourism has proven to be one of the most resilient sectors of the EU economy. Despite various crises, such as volcanic eruptions, sovereign debt crises, terrorism, […]
4 May 2023

Why short-term rentals are another missed opportunity

Short-term Rental (STR) has assumed, throughout Europe, but with particular emphasis in Portugal, a very relevant role in the reconstruction and recovery of the historic centres […]
4 May 2023

European flight cancellations increased by 65% in March

Over 72,900 flights were cancelled in March, with almost every global region suffering a rise in cancellations with a notable exception for North America. 1. Striking […]
3 May 2023

China lifts PCR requirement for all international arrivals

As of April 29th, a negative PCR is no longer required to enter China, authorities announced last week. An antigen test carried out a maximum of […]
3 May 2023

New train strikes announced on day of Eurovision final

Rail workers will go on strike on May 13, the day of the Eurovision Song Contest final, taking place in Liverpool. The planned protest, reported by […]