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6 February 2023

Dubai welcomed 14.36 million international visitors in 2022

Dubai received 14.36 million international overnight visitors in 2022, growing 97% from the 7.28 million tourist arrivals in 2021, according to the latest data published by […]
6 February 2023

Hong Kong to offer 500,000 free airline tickets in bid to boost tourism

Hong Kong is offering free plane tickets to tourists in a bid to entice them to return, it has been announced. Hong Kong Chief Executive John […]
6 February 2023

China fully reopens borders with Hong Kong and Macao

On 8 January, China finally abandoned its zero-Covid policy, opening its borders to international travel after almost three years. While some requirements still apply for the […]
6 February 2023

United Kingdom to roll out entry fees for foreign visitors

To enter the United Kingdom, travellers will soon have to make an advance application and pay a fee. The Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) is due to […]
3 February 2023

Two out of five Belgians will opt for less expensive holidays in 2023

Two out of five Belgians will opt for less expensive holidays in 2023 due to the current crisis and rising prices, a new survey says. According […]
2 February 2023

Saudi Arabia launches free stopover visa to make country more accessible to international travelers

On January 29th, Saudi Arabia launched the new Stopover Visa, a free visa that is now available for a wider range of countries than the classic […]
1 February 2023

Willingness to travel long-haul to Europe rises despite high global inflation

The desire for overseas travel in 2023 has increased significantly in large travel markets compared to a year ago. Over 60% of potential travellers in Australia, […]
31 January 2023

Europe prepares for return of Chinese tourists

On 8 January, China finally abandoned its zero-Covid policy, after years of the strictest quarantine and travel restrictions in the world. Along with the reopening of […]
30 January 2023

Tourism Fiji launches ‘happiness’ campaign to attract tourists

Tourism Fiji is introducing ‘Where happiness comes naturally’ as a new brand platform to boost tourism a year after the destination reopened its borders. Produced in […]
30 January 2023

What China’s travel reopening could mean for the tourism industry

On January 8th, travel restrictions for tourists arriving in China were lifted. Its citizens are now able to renew their passports to travel abroad. Thus ended […]
30 January 2023

Bali’s tourism sees signs of recovery as Chinese travelers flock to the island

Thousands of Chinese tourists are arriving en masse to Indonesia, especially to Bali, after authorities in China lifted travel restrictions early this month. Since then, the […]
26 January 2023

Make small and medium hospitality enterprises thrive again

While our industry is called on to lay the foundations of a successful double transition – sustainable and digital – our restaurants, hotels and cafés are […]
26 January 2023

UK Border Force strikes confirmed for 1 February

The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) has confirmed a strike action that will affect travelers and goods entering the UK on February 1 and 2. The […]
25 January 2023

The European Single Market was key to boost the Travel and Tourism industry

The 30 years of the European Single Market represent a crucial milestone in the development and cohesion of the European Union countries. Just over thirty years […]
25 January 2023

Moving to Germany could become easier under new visa scheme

Germany has announced the easing of the immigration processes, something that would facilitate the entry of non-European skilled individuals seeking to develop their professional careers. On […]
24 January 2023

Málaga chosen as global headquarters for the Future of Tourism Coalition

Málaga is due to become the seat of the first ever Future of Tourism Coalition (FoTC) global headquarters and will act as the FoTC’s European hub, […]