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9 January 2023

China officially abandons zero-Covid policy

After three years of having the strictest Covid-19 restrictions in the world, China finally reopened borders on Sunday, 8 January. After years of lockdowns, people rejoiced […]
9 January 2023

Belgium requires travellers from China to present a negative covid test before departure

After several EU Member States started imposing testing requirements for travellers arriving from China, a meeting of the Council’s Integrated Political Crisis Response (IPCR) unit established […]
5 January 2023

EU Member States agree on pre-departure testing of travellers from China

After EU Member States had been divided over the necessity of pre-departure testing of travellers coming from China for the past week, an emergency meeting of […]
4 January 2023

EU to demand pre-departure tests for travellers from China

Over the past week, European countries have been divided over the necessary requirements that need to be imposed on travellers arriving from China, considering the recent […]
3 January 2023

France urges all EU countries to test China arrivals for Covid

Several countries around the world are imposing preventive measures on travellers from China as the number of Covid-19 cases in the country continues to grow. After […]
3 January 2023

Belgium to test wastewater on airplanes from China

Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke announced on Monday that Belgium will start testing the wastewater on airplanes coming from China, in an attempt to keep tabs […]
3 January 2023

13 countries imposing restrictions on travellers from China as Covid rebounds

Several countries around the world are imposing preventive measures on travelers from China as the number of Covid-19 cases in the country continue to grow. After […]
30 December 2022

EU rejects demands of bloc-wide testing China arrivals

On 29 December 2022, the EU Health Security Committee had an emergency meeting to assess the need of imposing Covid-19 testing requirements for travellers coming from […]
29 December 2022

Countries start imposing Covid testing for travellers from China

As China has started to relax travel restrictions and quarantine rules, other countries from around the world have started to re-impose mandatory Covid testing for travellers […]
26 December 2022

China relaxes quarantine rules for international travellers as of January 2023

Since the beginning of the pandemic, China has had some of the strictest Covid-19 travel restrictions, only recently starting to ease the entry requirements for international […]
26 December 2022

India makes negative Covid-19 test mandatory for five countries

India increased sanitary rules including mandatory testing for a few countries and random testing for international passengers. 1. Mandatory Covid-19 testing With the new rules, travellers […]
16 December 2022

EU Council recommends lift of all Covid-19 travel restrictions in the EU

On 13 December, the Council of the European Union adopted updated recommendations on travel to the EU and on facilitating free movement within the EU during […]
15 December 2022

Macau to allow home isolation for people with Covid

Authorities in Macau are easing Covid-related measures as they have announced that from Wednesday December 14th, individuals who get a positive Covid test may isolate at […]
23 November 2022

India relaxes Covid entry rules

Last October India announced it would once again welcome international travellers after 18 months of closure. Now, over a year later, the country’s Ministry of Health […]
10 November 2022

China preparing to end Covid plane suspensions

As soon as the pandemic started China imposed strict zero Covid policies, including severe travel restrictions and quarantine requirements. When foreign travel started returning, one of […]
24 October 2022

Spain lifts all remaining Covid entry restrictions

On Friday October 21st, Spain lifted all the sanitary control measures that still remained for people coming from countries outside the EU or Schengen countries. Controls […]
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