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Dana is a Travel Tomorrow reporter. She graduated in Political Science and International Relations. She moved to Brussels from Romania for her studies and Mont des Arts made her fall in love with the city and remain here. She loves animals, especially dogs, and everything food related, but dessert most of all.

12 January 2023

World’s most powerful passports in 2023

Henley & Partners has revealed its ranking for the most powerful passports in 2023. For the fifth year running, Japan crowns the Henley Passport Index, which […]
12 January 2023

Hologram tech could soon replace zoom meetings

A new holographic technology is making waves to bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds. 1. Proto’s “Epic” hologram system The original, patented hologram […]
12 January 2023

Mercedes to deploy 10,000 EV charging stations in North America, Europe and China by 2030

The launch of Mercedes’ high-power charging network will start in North America this year. 1. All-electric strategy Mercedes is investing in an “all-electric strategy”, which foresees […]
12 January 2023

What is the best age to learn how to read?

What is the best age to learn how to read? This is a question that, among other factors, depends on children’s acquired abilities and maturity. Rushing […]
11 January 2023

What is ‘climate quitting’?

Addressing global warming is more urgent than ever. With parts of Europe experiencing the warmest winter on record, there is no doubt action has to be […]
11 January 2023

9 luxury hotels opening in Asia in 2023

The world is finally reopened for travelling. After having stricter and longer lasting Covid-19 restrictions, countries in Asia are bound to be flocked by tourist next […]
11 January 2023

Amazon’s eco-friendly Aware range accused of “grotesque” greenwashing

Products travelling 8,000 kilometers and wrapped in single-use plastic were spotted by a Telegraph reporter who ordered 20 items from the “Amazon Aware” range. 1. “Amazon […]
11 January 2023

3 new remarkable buildings set to shape the world in 2023

The pandemic brought many aspects of life to a standstill. The tourism and hospitality sectors were heavily impacted, but they were not the only ones. Urban […]
10 January 2023

What is commercial aviation’s outlook for 2023?

2022 was not an easy year for commercial aviation. Despite the wider relaxation of Covid measures around the world, traveling by air was not devoid of […]
10 January 2023

Cruise industry expected to make a strong comeback in 2023

After years of uncertainty, the cruise industry will make a strong recovery in 2023, according to a new AAA survey. Over the past few years, the […]
10 January 2023

Comet nears Earth for the first time in 50,000 years

A comet discovered by discovered by astronomers using the wide-field survey camera at the Zwicky Transient Facility at the Palomar Observatory in Southern California in March […]
9 January 2023

Why do some Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas in January?

Orthodox Christians do not follow the same dates as Catholics for some holidays such as Christmas. The Catholic Church asserts that it should be celebrated with […]
9 January 2023

Delta Air Lines to offer free onboard Wi-Fi on the majority of its flights

Delta Air Lines will offer free onboard Wi-Fi on the majority of its flights from 1 February 2023, reports CNN. The carrier will become the first […]
8 January 2023

What is our generation’s responsibility?

What do we owe the future? In 1950 there were 2.5 billion of us on our planet, with the population growing at close to 20% per […]
6 January 2023

Flying robots are inspecting wind turbines

Wind power sits at the heart of the energy transition for many countries with the right geographical and meteorological conditions. Guaranteeing wind turbine blade maintenance is […]
6 January 2023

Caltech’s space mission is testing the viability of space-based solar power

The Transporter-6 mission was launched to space on January 3 on the Momentus Vigoride spacecraft carried aboard a SpaceX rocket. We celebrate the successful launch of […]