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Dana is a Travel Tomorrow reporter. She graduated in Political Science and International Relations. She moved to Brussels from Romania for her studies and Mont des Arts made her fall in love with the city and remain here. She loves animals, especially dogs, and everything food related, but dessert most of all.

24 May 2023

First night train connecting Brussels and Berlin starts this Friday

After a successful test run on Monday, the first night train connecting Brussels and Berlin will start a regular schedule on Friday, 26 May, European Sleeper […]
24 May 2023

History repeats itself: Tourism is the engine of the EU’s economy

Back in 2011, Portugal as other Member States, struggled to lift itself and its economy out of the swamp it had fallen into by the establishment […]
22 May 2023

How are European airlines doing these days?

European aviation continues to experience a recovery period, as reported by Eurocontrol’s latest overview covering the 9th to the 15th of May. The network supervised by […]
19 May 2023

Public transport in Europe is too expensive, Greenpeace reports

New analysis by Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe has ranked public transport affordability and simplicity in 30 European countries and their capitals, showing that it is […]
16 May 2023

European airlines call for EU action to prevent French ATC strikes fallout this summer

European airlines are calling on the European Commission to step up to stop escalating industrial action from derailing summer travel for millions of passengers. Already this […]
12 May 2023

Four European cities awarded for ensuring more cycling

Some of Europe’s highest achievers in ensuring more cycling were recognised at the second edition of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) Awards. The winners of the […]
11 May 2023

Most Europeans support action to curb climate change as long as their lifestyle remains the same

The majority of Europeans say they are concerned about the effects of climate change. Many of them, however, are not willing want to change their lifestyle […]
10 May 2023

What is the real impact of the ATC strikes?

The war in Ukraine and the subsequent spike in inflation has triggered tensions between workers and companies over salary increases, which in turn has led to […]
10 May 2023

European airports call on Commission to update slot regulation

The industry body representing Europe’s airports, ACI Europe, has renewed its call for the European Commission to urgently bring the EU Airport Slot Regulation up to […]
8 May 2023

How tourism can be part of the solution to climate change

Amidst the European Tourism Day, the Network of European Regions for Sustainable and Competitive Tourism (NECSTouR) organised a thematic workshop in Brussels on scaling-out regenerative tourism […]
8 May 2023

EU launches competitions to promote smart and sustainable tourism

The European Commission has launched two competitions to promote smart and sustainable tourism in the EU, network and strengthen destinations, and facilitate the exchange of best […]
4 May 2023

Applications now open for the ‘Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism Awards 2023’

Applications for this year’s Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism Awards are now open. The overall theme of this edition is “Smart Tourism – Smart Destinations”, encompassing […]
4 May 2023

The vital role of tourism in the EU

Tourism has proven to be one of the most resilient sectors of the EU economy. Despite various crises, such as volcanic eruptions, sovereign debt crises, terrorism, […]
4 May 2023

Why short-term rentals are another missed opportunity

Short-term Rental (STR) has assumed, throughout Europe, but with particular emphasis in Portugal, a very relevant role in the reconstruction and recovery of the historic centres […]
2 May 2023

Ryanair’s petition for overflight protection amid French ATC strikes surpasses 600,000 signatures

On 20 March, Ryanair launched a petition calling on the European Commission to force France to protect overflights during the French air traffic control (ATC) strikes. […]
1 May 2023

EU wants to make it easier for non-EU residents to move around the bloc

The EU Parliament has announced its intention to ease movement around the bloc and the path to residency for non-EU residents. The rule changes could take […]