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Mauricio Ruiz is a writer and journalist who has lived in the US, Belgium, Mexico and Norway. His work has appeared in Words Without Borders, CatapultThe CommonThe RumpusElectric LiteratureJMWWRiver TeethLiteral Magazine, among others. He's been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize and Myriad Editions Competition in the UK, as well as the Fish Short Story Prize in Ireland. He has received fellowships from OMI writers (NY), Société des auteurs (Belgium), Jakob Sande (Norway), Can Serrat (Spain), and the Three Seas' Council (Rhodes). His second book, Silencios al sur, was published in early 2017, and his work has partially been translated into Dutch and French. Mauricio Ruiz can be followed on Twitter and Instagram.

21 July 2022

Top 10 US airports with the most cancellations this summer

The number of passengers transiting an airport does not seem to go down this summer. Lack of enough staff (security, baggage handlers, cabin crew, etc.) plus […]
20 July 2022

Discover the American version of Pompeii

Our planet gets more intriguing each and every day, but its history may be even more interesting – and most of all, mysterious. Even though historians, […]
18 July 2022

US national parks reintroduce facemask requirement

For a brief period, it seemed like Covid-19 was almost over. Most of the countries around the world have scrapped travel restrictions, while wearing a facemask […]
6 July 2022

Vermont’s Suicide Six ski resort to change its ‘insensitive’ name

Suicide Six, a popular ski resort in Vermont, has announced that it will change its “insensitive” name in the upcoming weeks. On June 28, the popular […]
28 June 2022

SpaceX born after Russian engineer spat on Elon Musk’s shoe, says former NASA official

The idea of SpaceX was first conceived after a Russian engineer spat on Elon Musk’s shoe, according to a new memoir by Lori Garver, NASA Deputy […]
22 June 2022

Boeing announces new 777-200ER ecoDemonstrator test jet

On Thursday June 16th, Boeing unveiled its 2022 ecoDemonstrator with a livery that honors a decade of testing to reduce fuel use, emissions and noise. The […]
16 June 2022

SpaceX’s Polaris Dawn commercial mission to liftoff later this year

The four crew members of SpaceX’s Polaris Dawn commercial mission are undergoing a series of training for the program’s first space flight, scheduled for later this […]
15 June 2022

US economy to benefit from $2.6 billion from the tourism sector over the next decade

The US Travel & Tourism sector is projected to contribute over $2.6 billion in gross domestic product (GDP) to the US economy over the next decade. […]
13 June 2022

Rooftop gardens can help reduce heat in cities, new study shows

A recent study by NASA published in the journal Sustainable Cities and Society has shown that due to an effect called the “urban heat island,” temperatures […]
13 June 2022

These emerging technologies could boost renewable energy storage capacity up to 3,000% by 2050

A recent report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has outlined 3 emerging technologies that could boost the US’ renewable energy storage capacity up to […]
13 June 2022

US lifts Covid-19 testing requirement for inbound travellers entering the country

On Sunday, June 12, the U.S. lifted Covid-19 pre-departure testing requirement for travellers entering the country. Air travelers no longer need to present a negative Covid-19 […]
10 June 2022

Blue Origin’s NS-21 crew in awe after first flight into space

On Saturday June 4th, Blue Origin‘s New Shepard spacecraft carried six new tourists into space in a ten-minute flight that marked the fifth successful manned mission […]
6 June 2022

New York’s LaGuardia airport $8 billion makeover revealed

LaGuardia airport in New York City celebrated its $8 billion reconstruction last Wednesday.  The airport now includes a 1.3 million-square foot Delta Air Lines terminal—the largest […]
3 June 2022

US travel industry presses White House to scrap pre-travel testing

US airlines and travel industry are pushing the White House to end pre-travel testing for vaccinated international travellers. 1. Pre-testing to fly to the US While […]
1 June 2022

This electric taxiing system could save airlines thousands of jet fuel gallons

On Tuesday May 24th, Green Taxi, Inc, (GTI) announced it has acquired an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) patent for its electric air taxi technology. The Dallas-based […]
31 May 2022

Delta to ‘strategically decrease’ flights in the US and Latin America this summer

On Thursday May 27th, Delta announced that it will “strategically” adjust its flight schedule during the northern summer. Between July 1st and August 7th, it will […]