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Deborah O’Donoghue is a British-Irish writer who has lived in the UK, France and Belgium. She has travelled all over the world and worked in car body repairs, in the best fish ‘n’ chip shop in Brighton, and been a gopher in a comedy club, as well as a teacher. She’s a past winner of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Short Story Prize. Her début novel, Sea of Bones, was published by Legend Press in 2019 and comes out in Germany in 2021. Follow Deborah on Twitter and Instagram.

24 October 2022

Brain-eating amoeba likely to affect more swimmers worldwide due to climate change

A deadly, brain-eating amoeba usually limited to regions with warm, fresh waters like the southern US has been found as far north as Minnesota and Nebraska. […]
24 October 2022

Space X’s Polaris Dawn spacewalk postponed

The first commercial spacewalk, scheduled for late 2022, has been postponed to March 2023 at the earliest, the Polaris Program website has announced. The private Polaris […]
20 October 2022

Water batteries could be the solution to storing renewable energy

Renewable energy is without doubt the future, but as much as it is necessary, there is one big obstacle that needs to be overcome – its […]
20 October 2022

CIA funds research to bring woolly mammoths back from extinction

A CIA-funded venture capital firm has officially bet on bringing species such as the woolly mammoth and thylacine back from extinction, according to US news outlet […]
19 October 2022

More and more US travelers are avoiding checking in their luggage

More US travelers are avoiding checking in their bags on flights as issues with checked-in baggage increase. Several, passenger in the United States are reporting episodes […]
18 October 2022

Hawaii will protect those traveling for abortion care

A new executive order safeguards women traveling to Hawaii to get an abortion. Last Tuesday, Hawaii Governor David Ige signed an executive order to protect women […]
12 October 2022

Statue of Liberty’s crown finally reopens after more than 2 years

The Statue of Liberty closed for visitors in March 2020 and while parts of the monument have gradually opened over the last 2 years, the crown […]
12 October 2022

Honeywell introduces new ethanol-to-jet fuel technology

On Monday October 10th, Honeywell announced a new ethanol-to-jet fuel (ETJ) processing technology that allows producers to convert corn-based, cellulosic, or sugar-based ethanol into sustainable aviation […]
10 October 2022

US starts screening travellers coming from Uganda for Ebola

An Ebola outbreak was declared in several districts of Uganda by the country’s Ministry of Health. As a result, the US announced on 6 October it […]
5 October 2022

US flight attendants to get more mandated rest time between flights

On Tuesday October 4th, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) finalized a rule requiring 10 hours minimum, non-reducible rest for flight attendants between duty days. The law, […]
4 October 2022

Wisk Aero reveals the world’s first autonomous, all-electric air taxi

On Monday October 3rd, Wisk Aero revealed the world’s first self-flying, all-electric, four-passenger vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) air taxi. As Wisk’s go-to-market aircraft, Generation 6 […]
3 October 2022

SpaceX takes first Native American woman to space in October

SpaceX‘s Crew-5 mission will be commanded by Nicole Mann, who will become the first Native American woman to go to space. Mann has been an astronaut […]
30 September 2022

President Biden announces new rule requiring airlines to disclose hidden fees

On 26 September, President of the United States Joe Biden announced the release of a new proposed rule that would significantly strengthen protections for consumers by […]
27 September 2022

Did you know that some airlines still use floppy disks?

Floppy disks have not gone completely out of use. An American company called Floppy Disk sells, repairs and recycles them for the aviation industry keeping the […]
19 September 2022

NASA opens bid for two new private astronaut missions to the International Space Station

On Wednesday September 14th, NASA announced that it plans to support two new private astronaut missions in low Earth orbit. Recently, the US space agency asked […]
19 September 2022

Sleep quality is a strong indicator of life expectancy, study finds

The importance of sleep for one’s general health is not news. Getting a good night’s sleep is usually an important factor of how the day is […]