Margarida is a Travel Tomorrow reporter and press and communications assistant at Buscardini Communications. She studied Communication Sciences and Journalism at the NOVA University of Lisbon (FCSH) with an Erasmus semester in European Studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. After an internship at the Communication department of the Municipal Council of Cascais, life took her to Boston, Massachusetts. In the United States, she worked for the Consulate of Portugal in New Bedford for the past 4 years.  Margarida loves traveling, snowboarding and attending live music. A big fan of humor and in a serious relationship with food.

10 October 2023

Student sentenced to one year in Dubai prison for “airport altercation” allowed to return home

Elizabeth Polanco De Los Santos, a 21-year-old student, was sentenced to one year in prison in Dubai after being accused of “assaulting and insulting” airport staff […]
9 October 2023

Bali authorities looking for tourist who meditated naked at Hindu temple

Authorities in Bali are looking for a tourist who posted several videos on social media showing him meditating naked in front of a Hindu shrine. The […]
9 October 2023

Severe drought in the Brazilian Amazon is hampering tourism

With water levels in the Amazon rivers falling to unprecedented lows, mobility between communities is restricted, many are running out of water and supplies, and river […]
9 October 2023

Brussels’ “essential” Magritte Museum re-opens with giant apple on roof

Brussels’ Magritte Museum has opened its doors to the public once more, after a six-month refurbishment. The museum has reopened just ahead of the beloved Belgian […]
9 October 2023

Heathrow Airport launches trial for pre-booking security slots

London’s Heathrow Airport has launched a six-month trial allowing travelers to pre-book their security slots, to enhance passenger convenience and streamline security processes, offering travelers an […]
9 October 2023

Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector baskets more than €10bn in first half of 2023

A Middle East’s powerhouse, Saudi Arabia ‘s balance of payments for tourism more than tripled in the first half of 2023, compared to the year before. […]
9 October 2023

Couple honeymooning in Malaysia finds hidden camera in Airbnb room

A Chinese couple on their honeymoon in Sabah, Malaysia, at the beginning of September has reported finding a hidden camera in their Airbnb room. The two […]
9 October 2023

Priceless artefacts smashed by tourist at Israel Museum

A Jewish-American tourist, said to be suffering a religious psychosis, has been arrested in Jerusalem after breaking two ancient sculptures at the Israel Museum. Broken into […]
9 October 2023

Naples prepares for evacuations in case of super volcano eruption

Italy is bracing itself for the eruption of Camp Flegrei, a super volcano in the Naples region. Plans have been put in place for evacuations, as […]
8 October 2023

What do Israel attacks mean for travel?

One of the bloodiest weekends in Israel’s recent history has unfolded, with hundreds dead and thousands injured following a coordinated mass Hamas attack during a Jewish […]
8 October 2023

Virgin Galactic successfully flies tourists to space for the fifth time

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic mission Galactic 04 was the fifth successful space undertaking in five months. The latest mission achieved the feat of carrying the first […]
6 October 2023

When, where and how can you sleep at the airport?

With the risk of disrupted travel ever present, whether due to post-pandemic staffing, aircraft delivery delays or strikes, many people face having to spend an impromptu […]
6 October 2023

Mega projects shaping Riyadh’s future

The city of Riyadh is being completely transformed by 8 mega projects, all part of the Saudi Vision 2030, aiming to create sustainable and innovative urban […]
6 October 2023

Europalia Festival opens with shining light on Georgia’s Avant-Garde

The little-known but fascinating Georgian Avant-Garde movement is in the spotlight at the Europalia Arts Festival, which has opened in Brussels. For four months from 5 […]
6 October 2023

Is it safe to travel on French trains?

A bedbug infestation spreading from Paris to the rest of France has triggered deep Eurostar cleaning as people are asking themselves is it safe to travel […]
5 October 2023

Israel launches €2.6 million FOMO based tourism campaign

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism has launched a €2.6 million advertising campaign for attracting visitors the upcoming winter season. The campaign is based on the growing […]