🇪🇺 EU.

21 November 2020

Europeans are planning 2021 trips despite Covid-19 second wave

European travellers have a stable and positive attitude towards travel but concerns over falling ill at the destination and quarantine restrictions have resulted in postponing more […]
20 November 2020

Lufthansa removes free meals for economy passengers

From the spring of 2021, Lufthansa will no longer offer free economy class catering on all its flights in Europe, the company announced on November 17th. […]
19 November 2020

Travel Restrictions: European Union 🇪🇺

Note: Last update of this article occurred on December 17th. Lists containing high and low-risk countries are revised from week to week, and it’s become challenging for […]
16 November 2020

EU Digital Services Act package: Airbnb under scrutiny

Airbnb is under the scrutiny of the European Union regulators with the new Digital Markets Act, which already affected companies in the sector such as Google […]
16 November 2020

EU extends aid measures for aviation sector

A new EU Commission report has announced that some of the provisions introduced in May aimed at easing the financial pressure on aviation operators and ground […]
13 November 2020

“Tourism should be the key element to regenerate our countries” – Luís Araújo, President of the European Travel Commission

Luís Araújo gazes at the horizon and ponders the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead in a world turned upside down by the pandemic. On the […]
10 November 2020

Travel Barometer: Sentiment for long haul travel slowly picks up in major tourism markets

The latest Long-Haul Travel Barometer (LHTB) indicates a positive shift in people’s attitudes to overseas travel in September-December 2020. It will take a while, however, before […]
3 November 2020

Covid-19: Anti-confinement demonstrations multiply in Spain and Italy

Several European countries have announced new confinement measures which have aroused the frustration of a segment of the population. In Spain and Italy clashes are multiplying. […]
29 October 2020

European Commission announces new measures to limit the spread of Covid-19

The European Commission announced an additional set of measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus, which is now severely hitting most of EU countries. This […]
27 October 2020

Aviation: EU receives authorization to impose duties on US imports

On October 26th, the Dispute Settlement Body of World Trade Organization (WTO) formally authorized the EU to take countermeasures against the United States. The EU can […]
23 October 2020

Social security: this rescue mechanism during and after Covid-19

Covid-19 is showing us among others how necessary a functioning and efficient general social security system is. When we compare the situation in the 27 EU […]
23 October 2020

Council reviews list of third countries for which to lift restrictions

Following a review under the recommendation on the gradual lifting of the temporary restrictions on non-essential travel into the EU, the Council has updated the list […]
22 October 2020

New restrictions in Spain, Czech Republic, and curfew in Italy

Faced with the resurgence of the virus and the exploding number of contagion cases in the Czech Republic, Spain and Germany, Europe seems to be closing […]
19 October 2020

Mayors speak in favour of emission reduction targets up to 65% by 2030

Mayors of 58 major European cities say that “it’s time for a revision of the EU 2030 energy and climate targets to at least 55% by […]
15 October 2020

UNWTO Delegation in Brussels for talks with EU leaders

The Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has led a high-level delegation to Brussels for a series of meetings aimed at ensuring tourism remains at […]
14 October 2020

6 European Female Poets on how literature can make us travel in 2020

Sound travels from vowel to vowel, it jumps from one syllable to the next. A sequence of words enters our ear, touches our retina, then the […]