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Deborah O’Donoghue is a British-Irish writer who has lived in the UK, France and Belgium. She has travelled all over the world and worked in car body repairs, in the best fish ‘n’ chip shop in Brighton, and been a gopher in a comedy club, as well as a teacher. She’s a past winner of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association Short Story Prize. Her début novel, Sea of Bones, was published by Legend Press in 2019 and comes out in Germany in 2021. Follow Deborah on Twitter and Instagram.

29 June 2023

The world’s most extreme travel experiences

If smashing frontier taboos is your jam, then seek no further. Who knows, you might just help with conservation and contribute to the sum of human […]
28 June 2023

World’s biggest cruise ship sets sail

The world’s largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean International’s Icon of the Seas, has embarked on its inaugural journey. The massive vessel, measuring a staggering 365 meters […]
28 June 2023

World’s largest communications satellite achieves 4G capabilities for everyday smartphones

In a groundbreaking achievement for the telecommunications industry, AST SpaceMobile has announced successful tests of space-based cellular broadband that delivers 4G data speeds directly to unmodified […]
28 June 2023

11 football fields of forest were lost per minute in 2022, new data shows

Tropical primary forests lost 10% more primary rainforest in 2022 than in 2021, according to new data from the University of Maryland and Global Forest Watch […]
27 June 2023

8 countries where you’re not expected to leave a tip

When it comes to international travel or experiencing different cultures, one aspect that often perplexes visitors is the customs and expectations surrounding tipping. While tipping may […]
27 June 2023

Number of people with diabetes could double to 1.3 billion by 2050, new study warns

Diabetes cases worldwide could reach 1.3 billion by 2050, more than twice as many as in 2021, if effective strategies are not planned, a study published […]
27 June 2023

The strangest things people order for room service

When going on a holiday, there are many activities to choose from. You can go on a hiking adventure, visit a museum or go look for […]
27 June 2023

These are the 50 best restaurants in the world for 2023

Since its beginning in 2002, the World’s 50 Best Restaurants initiative has become an esteemed institution in the culinary world. Designed to showcase the pinnacle of […]
27 June 2023

Meet the crew for Virgin Galactic’s first commercial spaceflight

Virgin Galactic’s first commercial spacecraft will launch on 29 June onboard the “Galactic 01” shuttle. The company has now announced the final crew of this mission, […]
27 June 2023

World’s best cities to live in this year

Every year, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranks up cities around the world to establish the best, and worst, to live in. The Global Liveability Index […]
27 June 2023

World’s best travel experiences to try out in 2023

After you chose the destination and take care of the practicalities like flights and accommodation, the most pressing question when planning a holiday is “What are […]
26 June 2023

Factories in space come one step closer to reality

The reality of factories in space is now almost upon us, with the successful deployment of Varda Space Industries’ first satellite test mission. The California start-up, […]
26 June 2023

Singapore breaks Qatar’s streak as world’s best airline

Singapore Airlines has been voted the World’s Best Airline at the Skytrax’s 2023 World Airline Awards. This is the fifth time that the airline wins the […]
23 June 2023

Which European cities suffer the most from overtourism?

Figuring out your next holiday destination can be quite the challenge, despite being somewhat of a first world problem. Most of us don’t go on a […]
22 June 2023

Summer 2023’s hottest city destinations

As the global community adjusts to the “new normal” following the Covid-19 pandemic, the upcoming summer season holds significant importance. While travel volumes have rebounded, preferences […]
22 June 2023

Paying for seat selection might not be worth the cost, finds new study

When it comes to group travel, one common concern is ensuring everyone in the party sits together on the flight. Airlines capitalize on this worry by […]