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Dana is a Travel Tomorrow reporter. She graduated in Political Science and International Relations. She moved to Brussels from Romania for her studies and Mont des Arts made her fall in love with the city and remain here. She loves animals, especially dogs, and everything food related, but dessert most of all.

27 October 2022

President Biden says airlines’ extra legroom charges are “unfair for people of colour”

Last month, President of the United States Joe Biden announced the release of a new proposed law that would require airlines to disclose hidden fees before […]
27 October 2022

US airlines criticize government’s decision on flight delay compensation

Major US airlines are criticizing the US government’s latest plans to publicly pressure them into offering additional passenger benefits related to flight delay compensation.  1. Compensation […]
26 October 2022

The superyacht with tilting masts

Epiphany is a superyacht concept by California based designer Steve Kozloff. What sets it apart from other existing or still in concept phase vessels is the […]
25 October 2022

Want to go to space with Virgin Galactic? Here’s your to-do list

The crash and explosion of Blue Origin’s unmanned rocket in September has once again flagged the dangers of space travel. But the two main rivals in […]
25 October 2022

Archer Aviation’s goal is to build 250 air taxis in 2025

Archer Aviation has announced that it wants to build 250 battery-electric air taxis in 2025. The plan is to get its aircraft certified by the end […]
25 October 2022

The world’s whitest paint can help fight climate change

The world’s whitest paint can now be used on cars and planes. The paint reflects 98% of the sun’s light, which could help cool vehicle’s interiors […]
25 October 2022

Cadillac unveils its first electric luxury vehicle Celestiq

Cadillac has unveiled its first all-electric luxury vehicle – the Celestiq show car. Conceived to lead the car manufacturer’s electric future and inspired by the brand’s […]
24 October 2022

Brain-eating amoeba likely to affect more swimmers worldwide due to climate change

A deadly, brain-eating amoeba usually limited to regions with warm, fresh waters like the southern US has been found as far north as Minnesota and Nebraska. […]
24 October 2022

Space X’s Polaris Dawn spacewalk postponed

The first commercial spacewalk, scheduled for late 2022, has been postponed to March 2023 at the earliest, the Polaris Program website has announced. The private Polaris […]
20 October 2022

Water batteries could be the solution to storing renewable energy

Renewable energy is without doubt the future, but as much as it is necessary, there is one big obstacle that needs to be overcome – its […]
20 October 2022

CIA funds research to bring woolly mammoths back from extinction

A CIA-funded venture capital firm has officially bet on bringing species such as the woolly mammoth and thylacine back from extinction, according to US news outlet […]
19 October 2022

More and more US travelers are avoiding checking in their luggage

More US travelers are avoiding checking in their bags on flights as issues with checked-in baggage increase. Several, passenger in the United States are reporting episodes […]
18 October 2022

Hawaii will protect those traveling for abortion care

A new executive order safeguards women traveling to Hawaii to get an abortion. Last Tuesday, Hawaii Governor David Ige signed an executive order to protect women […]
12 October 2022

Statue of Liberty’s crown finally reopens after more than 2 years

The Statue of Liberty closed for visitors in March 2020 and while parts of the monument have gradually opened over the last 2 years, the crown […]
12 October 2022

Honeywell introduces new ethanol-to-jet fuel technology

On Monday October 10th, Honeywell announced a new ethanol-to-jet fuel (ETJ) processing technology that allows producers to convert corn-based, cellulosic, or sugar-based ethanol into sustainable aviation […]
10 October 2022

US starts screening travellers coming from Uganda for Ebola

An Ebola outbreak was declared in several districts of Uganda by the country’s Ministry of Health. As a result, the US announced on 6 October it […]
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