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Martin has lived in many places, from Colombia to Uganda. Uruguayan by birth, of Italian nationality and French education, but a little bit Portuguese at heart, Brussels seemed the ideal place for his fulfillment. Martin works for an Boom Malta and enjoys good food, particularly indian, as well as wine and travel.

13 May 2022

Why do I love Lisbon?

When I first arrived in Portugal back in 1998, Lisbon was displaying its charms to the world during the World Expo. Portugal beauties and tourist attractions […]
12 May 2022

Why Portugal’s sustainability journey is a model for the EU textile industry

Yesterday, the Portuguese Association of Textiles and Clothing (ATP) showcased at the Press Club Brussels Europe its project ‘Sustainable Fashion from Portugal’, in the framework of […]
11 May 2022

Portugal to open in July Europe’s largest floating solar park

A new photovoltaic power plant in Portugal with 12,000 solar panels is ready to start operating in July of this year. Located in the Alqueva reservoir […]
5 May 2022

This Portuguese couple creates art with trash picked up at the beach

A Portuguese couple has embarked on a project that uses art to raise awareness on pollution at sea. The inspiration? The stories that fishermen and fisherwomen […]
26 April 2022

Portugal lifts use of face mask and PLF requirement

On Thursday April 21st, authorities in Portugal decided to end the requirement to wear a mask indoors. The sanitary measure, put in place to fight against […]
20 April 2022

10 of the best wines from Portugal’s Ribatejo

Ribatejo is a central, coastless province, located in southern Portugal, named for the banks of the Tejo (Tagus) River, which courses through the region from northeast to […]
15 April 2022

20 things to do on a bachelor party in the Algarve

The Algarve region in the south of Portugal is a well-known destination for organisers of bachelor and bachelorette parties. Rightly so, considering it enjoys over 300 […]
13 April 2022

Lisbon expects to reach 85% of tourism levels before the pandemic

Lisbon Tourism estimates that this year, the travel and tourism sector will reach 85% of the 2019 tourism figures in the city, and eventually return to […]
8 April 2022

Why Santarém is the ultimate destination for history lovers

An hour’s drive from Lisbon, Santarém grips a plateau above the Tagus river, the city’s fingers fanning out and reaching for the edge. It’s a place […]
6 April 2022

100th anniversary of the first aerial crossing of the South Atlantic from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro

On March 30, 1922, at 7 a.m., exactly a century ago, a Fairey F IIID MkII single-engine aircraft departed the waters of the Tagus river in […]
28 March 2022

Braga’s Bom Jesus elevator celebrates its 140th anniversary

The Bom Jesus elevator in Braga celebrated 140 years of existence on March 25th. The elevator is the first of its kind on the Iberian Peninsula […]
22 March 2022

Around the Ribatejo table with chef Rodrigo Castelo

In the Portuguese city of Santarém, chef Rodrigo Castelo is often credited as the man behind the new gourmet scene that is erupting. And if there […]
17 March 2022

Portugal rolls back Covid-19 restrictions ahead of summer

The Directorate General of Health (DGS) in Portugal has withdrawn 16 guidelines for Covid-19 infection and revised public health measures, making “responsibility of all the adoption […]
9 March 2022

10 beautiful secret spots in Portugal

From towns to mysterious villages where time stood still, travelling through legends and mystical houses, you have it all in Portugal. If you would like to […]
9 March 2022

Ryanair fulfils threat and cuts 5,000 flights, 19 routes in Lisbon and 150 jobs

Ryanair will cancel 19 routes in Lisbon for this summer, justifying this decision with the fact that the Government has not unlocked the slots that TAP […]
8 March 2022

Protesters project Ukrainian flag on the building of the Embassy of Russia in Lisbon

Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russian armed forces on the 24th of February, over two million people flee Ukraine. “Today the outflow of refugees from […]