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1 August 2023

Belgian cold weather amid European heatwaves caused coastal tourism slump in July

While the month of July was declared the hottest over the past 120,000 years before it had even ended and most of Europe is struggling in […]
31 July 2023

French daredevil Remi Lucidi dies in tragic high-rise stunt accident in Hong Kong

A tragic incident in Hong Kong has claimed the life of a 30-year-old French daredevil, identified as Remi Lucidi, popular for posting photographs and videos on […]
31 July 2023

Palestinian Americans concerned about US-Israel visa waiver

Israel’s entry into the US Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) will be decided in September 2023, following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the USA […]
31 July 2023

British bus driver jailed after passenger’s legs amputated

A UK bus driver has been jailed after causing horrific injuries to an 83-year-old passenger resulting in both her legs being amputated. Scott Cliff, 49, a […]
31 July 2023

Lake Garda tourists risk fines of up to €600 for skinny dipping, singing or playing football

Authorities around Italy‘s Lake Garda are cracking down on “anti-social” behavior from tourists and imposing fines of up to €600 for those who break the rules. […]
28 July 2023

Special relationship between US and Ireland rocked by tourist attacks in Dublin

The usually-friendly special relationship between the USA and the Republic of Ireland has soured somewhat in recent days due to a series of attacks on American […]
26 July 2023

Passengers trapped for hours without air conditioning on Ryanair plane in 42˚C heat

Passengers aboard a Ryanair flight from Malaga to Milan endured a nightmarish ordeal on July 19 as the aircraft’s air conditioning system malfunctioned, leaving them trapped […]
26 July 2023

Sicily evacuates tourist and closes airport due to wildfires

As heat storms keep taking over Europe, wildfires are igniting in most of Southern Europe. Greece is severely affected, having already evacuated thousands of people and […]
26 July 2023

Thousands of tourists evacuated from Greek islands as wildfires keep spreading

Greece has been fighting wildfires for almost two weeks. As temperatures have frequently climbed above 40˚C, reaching 46˚C on the hottest days, and air humidity is […]
25 July 2023

Number of tourists in Croatia skyrockets after joining Eurozone

In the first half of 2023, tourism in Croatia grew by 20% compared to 2022 and recorded some 5 million arrivals. More than 17.5 million overnight […]
23 July 2023

World’s most open countries in 2023

Consulting firm Henley & Partners has just released its Henley Openness Index 2023, which ranks all 199 countries and territories worldwide according to the number of […]
20 July 2023

Singapore’s passport is now the most powerful in the world, according to Henley and Partners

Singapore has become the world’s most powerful passport, as announced by the Henley Passport Index. The Singapore passport allows holders visa-free entry to 192 destinations out […]
19 July 2023

Teenager detained at Florida airport for using “skiplagging” travel hack

In a recent incident at a Florida airport, a teenager was detained and accused of engaging in a controversial money-saving travel hack known as “skiplagging”. The […]
19 July 2023

Package Travel Directive – a revision to be done

The Package Travel Directive (PTD) stands as a pivotal piece of legislation within the European Union, carrying profound implications for the tourism and travel industry. It […]
19 July 2023

Swiss teenager caught carving her name on Colosseum wall

Just weeks after a tourist was filmed carving his and his girlfriend’s names onto the Colosseum wall, another similar incident was stopped mid-act at Rome’s ancient […]
19 July 2023

Santiago de Compostela introduces measures to tackle “uncontrolled tourism”

Santiago de Compostela is known for being the final stop on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, also known as the way of St James, the remains […]