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Camille Van Puymbroeck is a Belgian freelance journalist with a big interest in anything lifestyle and ecology-related. Nothing makes her more happy than visiting a former Soviet building, overgrown by nature, equipped with a camera and a coffee. Not without an Italian meal afterwards, of course. Her work has previously been published in Metro, Sabato Magazine and Culinaire Ambiance.

7 April 2022

These are the safest countries if you want to go on a solo trip as a woman

Solo travelling has been a trend for quite a while now. Instead of going on a trip with friends, family or a partner, you go and […]
6 April 2022

This new camper will delight cycling holiday lovers

Cycling your way through your holiday is the perfect way to relax. While pedalling, your head gets emptier by the metre, leaving all troubles behind for […]
6 April 2022

Cathay Pacific to schedule longest flight ever to avoid Russian airspace

Cathay Pacific Airways plans to reroute its service between New York and Hong Kong to avoid Russian airspace, in what would be the world’s longest commercial […]
5 April 2022

10 traditional Ramadan dishes

The holy month of Ramadan has just started this year. During this period, Muslims follow a very strict fast during the daytime. With a few exceptions, […]
5 April 2022

Resilience: Domestic Tourism Matters

Covid has stopped us travelling and holidaying for many months over the last two years, but whenever lockdowns were eased, we have been able to travel […]
5 April 2022

Airlines’ April Fools, jokes or aspirations?

April Fools has just passed and, although nobody knows exactly how the tradition started, it is common around the world to play practical jokes on your […]
5 April 2022
Plane cabin

Cost of flying continues to be on the rise

Flight and hotel company Hopper has released its quarterly index revealing that airfare continues to be on the rise in the first quarter of 2022. Current […]
4 April 2022

Cars could be an urban design flaw regardless of their energy source

Worried about climate change, as well as the quality of life of their inhabitants, cities have been implementing car free zones, especially in the centres. Although […]
4 April 2022

Marketing visuals do not align with new travelers’ tastes, says Getty Images

Visual marketing plays an important role in grabbing the attention of travelers, many of whom take inspiration from Instagram. Despite the importance of visuals, some brands […]
4 April 2022

Ready for a flight from London to Sydney in four hours?

NASA has been working on a new supersonic aircraft, as well as Boeing and Rolls-Royce. The project has been named ‘Sabre’ (Synergetic Air Breathing Rocket Engine), […]
1 April 2022

10 most beautiful train journeys in the world

Travelling by train has always made me dream, not only for having multiple destinations at our reach within a few hours, but also for the peace […]
1 April 2022

The journey to net zero emissions for travel accommodations

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it,” Robert Swan once said. And, in this one brilliant sentence, he […]
1 April 2022

The most and least stressful countries to drive in

For some, driving can be a very pleasant experience and a great way to travel and discover new countries. For others however, driving is more a […]
31 March 2022

5 most charming travel bookstores in Europe

The modern traveler has quite a few information sources to choose from. First of all, of course, there’s the internet. Newspapers, specialized travel media, influencers…The amount […]
31 March 2022

What is ‘Creative tourism’?

Do we really know some of the cities we have visited and where we have followed the usual tourist guides? Did you ever stop to consider […]
31 March 2022

Analogue travel, mapping the byways

We feed coordinates into a satnav or phone app and let it do all the hard work. It works beautifully… until it shuts down. Then what? […]