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Camille Van Puymbroeck is a Belgian freelance journalist with a big interest in anything lifestyle and ecology-related. Nothing makes her more happy than visiting a former Soviet building, overgrown by nature, equipped with a camera and a coffee. Not without an Italian meal afterwards, of course. Her work has previously been published in Metro, Sabato Magazine and Culinaire Ambiance.

25 April 2023

What is World Naked Gardening Day?

The spring has begun, plants have started to grow and gardeners all over the world have once again begun their battle against those wicked weeds. There’s […]
24 April 2023

British Airways’ Covid eVouchers now valid until September 2024

Good news has been announced for British Airways group customers still in possession of vouchers issued in place of flights untaken due to Covid-19. The flagship […]
23 April 2023

What is Earth Day and why is it celebrated?

Its origins go back to 1970, marking the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement. The theme for this year’s Earth Day is Invest […]
21 April 2023

Is algae the answer to sustainable aviation fuel?

It seems not a day can go by without hearing about sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and particularly the challenges in producing it at volumes that can […]
20 April 2023

How to avoid jet lag?

Jet lag is a temporary sleep disorder that can occur when you travel across multiple time zones.  1. Jet lag Its scientific name is called circadian […]
20 April 2023

Paladin Space invests in new tech to clear dangerous space junk

Space companies are racing to find ways to drag more than 2800 defunct satellites out of danger. But there are likely more than one million smaller […]
20 April 2023

How is 3D printing changing architecture?

Technology developments are changing the experience of traveling by plane, how railway infrastructure can be leveraged to generate energy, and even the possibility of building homes […]
19 April 2023

What will travel look like in 2070?

It’s no secret that humans have been obsessed with the future for a very long time. Since forever, we’be been trying to predict what will happen […]
19 April 2023

Top Asia-Pacific tourist destinations in 2023

Asian countries were among the last to reopen after the Covid-19 pandemic, so while the rest of the world started recovering well into 2022, they are […]
19 April 2023

Why people living in ‘Blue Zones’ have a longer life expectancy

For centuries humans have tried to find a way to escape death. Philosophers, novelists, and physicians alike have toiled with the dream of many: how to […]
18 April 2023

Airports increasingly invest in digital technology to streamline passenger journeys

Airports are ramping up their investment in technology to digitalize their operations and streamline the passenger journey through more self-service options, reveals the latest 2022 Airport […]
18 April 2023

Travellers faced with dilemma of affordability or sustainability

Travellers are increasingly facing a dilemma where they feel potentially forced to choose between cutting costs and being more mindful about making more sustainable travel choices, […]
17 April 2023

Tripadvisor transparency report reveals 4.4% of reviews are fake

From the 30.2 million reviews posted on Tripadvisor in 2022, 4.4% were fake or fraudulent, according to the platform’s Review Transparency Report released on 11 April. […]
17 April 2023

SpaceX releases simulation video of trip to Mars

SpaceX has released a simulation video of Mission to Mars, showcasing Elon Musk’s vision of what the future of space travel could look like, including a […]
14 April 2023

What can be done to reduce emissions from heating?

Heat is a great challenge in the fight against climate change, making up half the world’s total energy consumption and contributing more than 40% of global […]
14 April 2023

Samsonite presents innovative suitcase that “challenges the status quo of travelling”

Samsonite is presenting a new suitcase design which aims to “break travel habits” with its innovative features. Called IBON, it is the result of a collaboration […]