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Camille Van Puymbroeck is a Belgian freelance journalist with a big interest in anything lifestyle and ecology-related. Nothing makes her more happy than visiting a former Soviet building, overgrown by nature, equipped with a camera and a coffee. Not without an Italian meal afterwards, of course. Her work has previously been published in Metro, Sabato Magazine and Culinaire Ambiance.

20 May 2022

A new French app uses AI to identify different cheeses from a single photo

If there’s one thing the French are famous for, aside from their impeccable fashion sense, it has to be their cuisine. It might not be the […]
17 May 2022

A new interactive map shows the most sunny terraces in Paris

Oh, Paris! The city of lights, the city of love, the city of je ne sais quoi. For many of us, a trip to the French […]
13 May 2022

Mask requirement dropped for all public transport in France

On Wednesday 11 May, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) issued a joint statement announcing that, […]
12 May 2022

The first beer spa in France opened in Strasbourg

Beer spas have existed for a while now in cities like Brussels and Budapest, the concept has just been inaugurated in France. The first beer spa […]
3 May 2022

This 450 km cycling path from Paris to the Mont Saint-Michel dazzles bicycle travellers

Of all the countries one could choose to travel to, France certainly isn’t the shabbiest. In the land of love, wine and cheese, ultimate holiday vibes […]
20 April 2022

Former coal mining region in France now offers unique natural attractions

Located in the North of France, the Nord-Pas de Calais mining basin is a cultural landscape, extending over nearly 4,000 hectares, rich in technical and architectural […]
12 April 2022

Paris rolls out plan to be completely cyclable by 2026

Paris is investing 250 million euros ($290 million) to make the city entirely cyclable, the World Economic Forum reports. In a new initiative called “Plan Velo: […]
11 April 2022

You can now stay at Julia Child’s cottage in the South of France

Who brought the French cuisine to the American public? It could be a question in Trivial Pursuit and cooking fanatics will probably already have shouted the […]
7 April 2022

Montpellier joins bid to become the European Capital of Culture in 2028

The city of Montpellier and the surrounding territories of the Hérault, from Sète to Agde via the first foothills of the Cévennes and Lunel, have just […]
30 March 2022

Is Bordeaux the new ‘City of Love’?

« Je t’aime, je t’aime. Oh oui, je t’aime. Moi non plus. Oh, mon amour. » Some of you might recognize these lyrics, others might not. In France, […]
16 March 2022

France removes all Covid-19 measures for US travelers

France has recently added the United States to the countries on the “green” list, which in turn will simplify entry requirements for US travelers. A “green” […]
11 March 2022

Paris to build a 4.5-km long cable car system

In the second half of 2022, works will begin on Paris’ first cable car system, an urban line which will link several neighborhoods in the southeast […]
25 February 2022

France installs ‘sound radars’ on streets to tackle noise pollution

Living in a big city anywhere around the world comes with a few compromises, among which is the sound of the never-ending traffic. In an attempt […]
22 February 2022

Paris bans non-essential traffic through city centre from 2024

Paris has been fighting to reduce the number of cars on its streets for some time now and, on 17 February, Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Grégoire and […]
22 February 2022

This is how XIX century artists saw the year 2000

At the turn of the XIX century, French artist Jean-Marc Cote and a few others were asked to imagine what life would be like in the […]
16 February 2022

Want to live like Emily in Paris? This is how much it would cost you

If you’re in need of an escape from reality, TV series are a safe and easy way to do that. Sit in front of your screen, […]