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Marta studied Political Science and Media & Journalism at the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) and has developed her journalistic career working for the Portuguese newspapers Diário de Notícias, Correio da Manhā and media outlets in Brussels. She is a reporter for Travel Tomorrow, and is also engaged in delivering communications services and EU policy research for different consultancies in Brussels. A former Blue Book trainee of the European Commission, Marta has a keen interest in EU and global affairs, and experience in reporting and interpreting information. Whenever she can, Marta loves traveling, exploring nature and learning about regenerative agriculture. She is also quite enthusiastic about space ventures and the cosmos.

6 September 2023

French air traffic controllers threaten to strike ahead of Rugby World Cup

Flights to and from France may be subject to delays and cancellations due to the upcoming strike organized by the air traffic controllers’ union in the […]
6 September 2023

Bordeaux to add almost 300 km of cycling paths to its network by 2030

In a time when many cities try to motivate their inhabitants to adopt a more sustainable way of living, the French city of Bordeaux will be […]
5 September 2023

French company unveils interior of luxury space capsule

Zephalto recently unveiled its new landmark space travel offering — Céleste — a ‘Luxury Space Capsule’ that is aimed at sending small groups of guests 25km […]
4 September 2023

France wants to end mega-low airfares

France is about to propose to the EU a minimum flight price policy that ends low-cost airfares. France’s Transport Minister Clément Beaune said the measure is […]
30 August 2023

French parks flying the flag for conservation and leisure

A flagship EU scheme designed to promote nature protection has just celebrated its 30th anniversary. Natura 2000 is a European network of natural land and marine sites designed to protect […]
16 August 2023

Two Americans spend illicit night up Eiffel Tower

In yet another example of poor tourist behaviour, two American holidaymakers have been found asleep up the Eiffel Tower, after spending the night there.  1. Dream […]
9 August 2023

France plans heavier taxes on air travel to finance rail investments

Airline ticket taxes are set to increase next year in France, according to comments this week from the French Transport Minister. Clément Beaune told RMC (Radio […]
31 July 2023

Paris CDG customs officer shot by Peruvian passenger carrying 3 kilos of cocaine

On Thursday, July 27th, a Peruvian woman carrying three kilograms of cocaine shot and wounded a customs officer during a customs inspection at Paris’ Charles de […]
24 July 2023

Paris 2024 Olympics welcome Air France as official partner

Air France is preparing to play a crucial role in the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, scheduled to take place from July 24 to […]
14 July 2023

Paris to raise SUV parking fees from 2024

In an effort to combat pollution and address the growing issue of “auto-obesity”, Paris city hall has approved a measure to increase parking fees for SUV […]
11 July 2023

Why the 2024 Olympics opening ceremony will be unique in the history of the Games

Every 4 years, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games becomes the event all eyes turn to. Regardless of people actually following the Games or not, […]
7 July 2023

Perception of security in France now lowest among its European neighbours

Over the past few weeks, riots have taken over major cities in France, after teenager Nahel Merzouk was unfairly shot and murdered by a police officer […]
5 July 2023

French rail operator fined after train ran over a pet cat

A Paris court has ruled that French national rail operator, SNCF, was negligent in killing a cat on its tracks, resulting in a fine. The incident […]
5 July 2023

How are riots in France affecting tourism?

Protests in France triggered by the murder of a teenager at the hands of a policeman seemed to be finally subsiding after six nights of unrest. […]
28 June 2023

Swimming in Paris’ Seine River to be possible by 2025

The Seine River, crossing the French capital, has long been a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike, be it cruising underneath the Eiffel Tower or […]
22 June 2023

France unveils commitment to fight overtourism

France, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and world-famous landmarks, has long been a top tourist destination. However, the increasing number of visitors in […]