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Dana is a Travel Tomorrow reporter. She graduated in Political Science and International Relations. She moved to Brussels from Romania for her studies and Mont des Arts made her fall in love with the city and remain here. She loves animals, especially dogs, and everything food related, but dessert most of all.

16 February 2023

European Parliament votes to double cycling in Europe by 2030

The European Parliament’s Resolution on developing an EU Cycling Strategy was adopted by the Transport and Tourism Committee (TRAN) on 31 January was voted in favour […]
16 February 2023

5 Best places to retire in Europe in 2023

Ah, retirement. For some of us it’s something from a faraway future, something we think of every now and then. Something we’re afraid we might not […]
15 February 2023

European Parliament votes to ban combustion engine cars by 2035

During the plenary session on 14 February, Members of the European Parliament voted in favour of new legislation that bans the sale of combustion engine cars […]
10 February 2023

Amsterdam to Barcelona rail connection to start running in 2025

Going to sleep in Amsterdam and waking up in Barcelona is no longer a faraway dream. The long-awaited train is expected to be launched in May […]
9 February 2023

Europeans won’t compromise on travel budget this year

Europeans are still planning to keep their travel budgets unchanged this year, despite the current economic crisis and global financial stress, according to the European Travel […]
9 February 2023

Driverless buses are arriving soon in 3 European cities

A new consortium is developing an automated electric minibus service called the Horizon Europe ULTIMO project. According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the project has […]
9 February 2023

Wind and solar power generated more electricity in the EU last year than gas did

Solar and wind power generated a fifth of Europe’s electricity in 2022, overtaking gas for the first time, according to the European Electricity Review 2023. The […]
3 February 2023

EVs sales are taking up despite infrastructure challenges

The transition to electric vehicles (EV) is gaining shape throughout the world, notably in Europe, where the decision to ban fossil-powered cars and vans as of […]
3 February 2023

Europe’s groundwater reserves are drying up, worrying scientists

Europe is threatened by extremely low levels of groundwater reserves, following the prolonged drought in the summer of 2022. 1. Severe drought Scientists are raising the […]
2 February 2023

Travel chaos will return this summer, Ryanair warns

With most countries dropping Covid-19 travel restrictions last year, demand for international travel started to pick up again. The sudden surge left most airlines and airports, […]
2 February 2023

EU is piloting 10 projects to boost cross-border rail connections

The goal is to improve cross-border rail connections across the EU while demand for green mobility is growing, making them faster, more frequent and more affordable. […]
1 February 2023

Willingness to travel long-haul to Europe rises despite high global inflation

The desire for overseas travel in 2023 has increased significantly in large travel markets compared to a year ago. Over 60% of potential travellers in Australia, […]
31 January 2023

European Parliament recognises cycling as a fully fledged mode of transport

The draft resolution on developing an EU cycling strategy, adopted by the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee (TRAN) on Tuesday, 31 January, advocates for cycling […]
31 January 2023

Europe prepares for return of Chinese tourists

On 8 January, China finally abandoned its zero-Covid policy, after years of the strictest quarantine and travel restrictions in the world. Along with the reopening of […]
30 January 2023

European airports urge the EU to mirror US decarbonisation subsidy regime

During the Airports Council International (ACI) Europe’s annual reception in the European Parliament on 25 January, President Javier Marín commented on the specific challenge of the […]
30 January 2023

EU kicks off new rules on airspace for drones

EU rules establishing a dedicated airspace for drones known as the U-space have finally come into force on 26 January. 1. U-space In the European legislation, […]
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