Space Tourism.

Mauricio Ruiz is a writer and journalist who has lived in the US, Belgium, Mexico and Norway. His work has appeared in Words Without Borders, CatapultThe CommonThe RumpusElectric LiteratureJMWWRiver TeethLiteral Magazine, among others. He's been shortlisted for the Bridport Prize and Myriad Editions Competition in the UK, as well as the Fish Short Story Prize in Ireland. He has received fellowships from OMI writers (NY), Société des auteurs (Belgium), Jakob Sande (Norway), Can Serrat (Spain), and the Three Seas' Council (Rhodes). His second book, Silencios al sur, was published in early 2017, and his work has partially been translated into Dutch and French. Mauricio Ruiz can be followed on Twitter and Instagram.

1 May 2023

NASA to build several bases around the moon for Artemis missions

On Monday April 17th, NASA announced that the agency would likely build several bases around the moon instead of a single Artemis Base Camp at the […]
20 April 2023

Paladin Space invests in new tech to clear dangerous space junk

Space companies are racing to find ways to drag more than 2800 defunct satellites out of danger. But there are likely more than one million smaller […]
17 April 2023

SpaceX releases simulation video of trip to Mars

SpaceX has released a simulation video of Mission to Mars, showcasing Elon Musk’s vision of what the future of space travel could look like, including a […]
11 April 2023

Axiom Space’s second commercial space trip to launch on May 8

Axiom Space’s second commercial space trip unfolds and it is expected to last for about ten days. 1. Second private astronaut mission Axiom Space announced on […]
5 April 2023

NASA announces astronaut crew for first lunar mission in more than 50 years

On Monday April 3rd, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) announced the four astronauts who will venture around the Moon on Artemis II, the first […]
4 April 2023

NASA and Boeing foresee launch of Starliner space capsule in July

On Wednesday March 29th, NASA and Boeing announced that the date for the agency’s Boeing Crew Flight Test (CFT) to the International Space Station (ISS) would […]
27 March 2023

New ‘Cosmic Concrete’ could be used to build homes on Mars

Scientists from the University of Manchester have created a new material, dubbed ‘StarCrete’ which is made from extra-terrestrial dust, potato starch, and a pinch of salt. […]
21 March 2023

NASA and Axiom Space to launch 3rd private mission to space station in 2023

On Tuesday March 14th, NASA announced that it had signed a mission order with Axiom Space for the third private astronaut mission to the International Space […]
16 March 2023

Japan joins space tourism race with a balloon capsule to launch in October

Based in Sapporo in northern Japan, the startup Iwaya Giken has  recently revealed its balloon capsule aimed at launching tourists to space in October.  1. Balloon […]
8 March 2023

China’s Tiangong space station to be expanded with new orbital module

China plans to expand its Tiangong space station by launching a new module that will dock with the existing structure and create a cross-shaped combination, the […]
3 March 2023

Increasing amount of space junk to create a dangerous no-go zone in Earth’s orbit

Space junk is among the many concerns posed by the XXI century’s space race, pushing experts to raise awareness of the potential impact of the hundreds […]
3 March 2023

SpaceX’s Polaris Dawn mission set to launch in summer 2023

After being postponed in October 2022, the private crewed space mission Polaris Dawn announced recently on Twitter that the launch, operated by SpaceX, is set for […]
22 February 2023

Axiom mission to take first Saudi astronauts to the International Space Station

NASA and Axiom Space have signed an agreement for the second all-private astronaut mission to the International Space Station (ISS), targeted for launch in the spring […]
9 February 2023

Zero-gravity parabolic flights are becoming popular for spaceflight work

Parabolic flights are surging in demand as commercial astronauts, disability advocates and scientists are booking zero-gravity flights to conduct research without going into space. 1. Zero-gravity […]
8 February 2023

What if traveling beyond our Solar System were no longer Science Fiction?

What would it be like to travel in outer space and see all the planets of the Solar System or even beyond? What if it were […]
7 February 2023

NASA’s SLS mega rocket is now ready to send humans to the moon

NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) mega rocket is ready to carry out manned trips after having shown satisfactory results in its first test. The SLS is […]