Martin Westlake has followed parallel careers as a civil servant and as an academic and has lived, studied, and worked in the UK, Italy, France, and Belgium. Since taking early retirement as a civil servant, he has been pursuing a new parallel career as an author of creative fiction. Westlake, who has British and Belgian nationality, is much interested in local history. He is currently seeking an agent for his first full-length creative history novel, Where Lies the Land, which starts in the Belgian Ardennes in August 1914 and ends in the Alberta Plains (Canada) in November 1918.

25 March 2021

Traditional Portuguese cobblestone pavement nominated for Intangible Cultural Heritage

The traditional Portuguese cobblestone pavement was nominated to become part of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage on Friday, March 19th, in Lisbon by António Prôa, general […]
19 March 2021

What is Nowruz?

Nowruz is an important celebration for many around the world. Meaning ‘New Day’ in Farsi, Nowruz is the national New Year festivity celebrated in Iran and […]